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Jr. Fair Board Leaders Share Their Experience

RICHLAND COUNTY - Richland County Jr. Fair Board members from the surrounding area 4-H clubs and FFA chapters used their expertise to show younger members the ins and outs of participating at the county, or state fair, recently at the county extension office.

From learning the different parts of an animal, feed identification, to completing their manual, the youth learned the different steps to take to be successful at the fair...Read More

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Council Tackles Gun Free Zone Issue

SHELBY- Legislation matters were discussed concerning an ordinance regarding the posting of signs for ‘gun free zones’ and electricity rates during the regular city council meeting held on Monday night.

Councilman Steve McLaughlin took the floor explaining why he had brought forth the ordinance to fellow council members.

“Approximately three percent or more of Ohio residents are licensed by the state for concealed carry. This legislation refers to two proposed ordinances to come which will effectively permit the administration to take the ‘Gun Free Zone’ signs off most of the city buildings, minus the police, court, jail also known as the Justice Center which we are in at this time,” McLaughlin said....Read More

Greenwich Hires New Police Officer

The Village of Greenwich has a new police officer. Grant Lifer was sworn in on Monday, June 4 and was introduced to village council members by Greenwich Police Chief Steve Dorsey.

Lifer said he graduated from Ashland High School and was born and has lived in Ashland all of his life.

“I just graduated from the police academy this spring,” he noted. “This is an excellent place to start my police career. I look forward to serving this community.”

Dorsey, who teaches at the police academy, said Lifer was one of his cadets...Read More

Eric Yetter Hired As New London Principal

Eric Yetter was hired as the New London High School Principal by the Board of Education during Monday night’s meeting.

Yetter, according to superintendent Brad Romano, comes to the district with a significant amount of administrative experience.

“Yetter has eight years experience as a middle school principal, so we are excited to have his experience as well as his overall knowledge to move the high school forward,” Romano said....Read More

Dairy Goats In Ohio Becoming Popular

Ohio is second only to California in herds of dairy goats. Where there are dairy goats, there has to be a lot of goat milk on the market. Wrong! The state of Ohio only allows raw milk to be obtained through "cow-share" agreements. The process is called that because if you don't own the goat or at least part of the goat, you can not buy raw goat milk. It is illegal in Ohio to sell raw goat's milk or even to process raw milk and sell that out the back door or from a farm market. Goat milk not used at home has to be sold in some other way.

A few dairy goat farmers formed a co-op several years ago in order to sell their goat milk....Read More

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