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70 Years After WWII We Still Remember Those Who Gave The Ultimate Sacrifice

SHELBY - World War II ended 70 years ago this year. It was a joyous occasion all over the world, and WWII Veterans can still tell you where they were the day the war ended. However, some men never had the chance to recount their stories, as some men never came home from the war.

Shelby will remember not only the men who did not make it home from World War II during this year's Memorial Day parade, we will honor those who did - and many area Veterans will march in remembrance of all who have died serving our country. As area World War II Veterans lead the parade on Memorial Day, they will be doing so in honor of the following Shelby area men who did not return home from WWII:...Read More

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SMS Students Give Back

SHELBY- Shelby Middle School fifth grade students are working toward giving back to their community in a number of unique ways through service projects.

English Language Arts/Social Studies teachers Jordan Nelson, Tianna Keinath, and Kelly Shaffer developed community service projects for the students to take part in this year.

"The ELA team decided we were going to do community service projects. The rest of the school does community service as well, and we decided to do it this way," Nelson stated...Read More

City of Willard Moving Into Future With Projects

The City of Willard is moving forward, according to interim city manager Shawn Tappel. With just over six months on the job, Tappel said it has been a smooth transition and cited the willingness of members of city council to work with him until a permanent city manager is named.

"I listen to them," Tappel said. "They have good advice, as well."

The fire department and EMS personnel are understaffed, he pointed out. There is no sense of volunteerism as in the past which is leaving the fire department without enough people to respond...Read More

Council Approves Resolution With HCEMA For Services

During a brief meeting held on Monday evening, New London Council members approved a resolution for emergency management services for the village.

The resolution allows for a contract with Huron County Emergency Management Agency (HCEMA) for services at a cost of $.25 per person based on the population of the village. The total cost for the annually renewable contract is $615.25 for the contract year 2015-2016...Read More

The Kraft Family Heritage Spans 150 Years

When John Weber sold 80 acres of land to Isaac Krafft (John's in-laws) for six hundred and fifty dollars in Crawford County, little did he know the plot of farmland would stay in the family and the Krafft's would be still tilling the ground over one hundred-fifty years later. John sold the 80 acres to Isaac in 1864. Both Isaac and Anna (his wife) were born in Germany in 1833 and came to America in the early 1860's. They built a log cabin on a hill on the farmland shortly after they purchased the land. Isaac was a machinist and raised livestock. During that time period farmers did not have tractors or machines to help them or chemicals to kill their weeds. Everyone who lived on a farm for the most part was sustainable within his own farm. Most everyone was a farmer. Isaac worked hard to keep the farm profitable. Isaac passed away in 1896. Anna passed the farm to their son, George and his wife Elizabeth Krafft in 1917. George worked hard to make the farm profitable. Harvesting was done by hand. George cleared numerous acres of woods to make more farmland available. Draft horses were used to till the ground and for heavy-duty chores on the farm...Read More

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