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American Legion Celebrates 100 Years

PLYMOUTH - Plymouth Post of the American Legion celebrated the 100 years of the National American Legion history on Saturday. Plymouth's Post is 99 years old and will celebrate their history next year.

The evening began with Arden Kessler giving a warm welcome to all the veterans and friends, followed by prayer. Kessler asked that all veterans stand for recognition, followed by requesting all veterans standing can be served first to a delicious meal.....Read More

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Park Plans Presented To Council

SHELBY- Park Board Members Ralph Rosinsky and Dave Keinath paid a visit to city council to present updated information with the Black Fork Commons Project at the regular meeting on Monday night.

Keinath and Rosinsky went over the detailed plans of the project with council members and offered to provide handouts which would lay out the timeline and cost.

“With the construction of the amphitheater and how the park is starting to take form, you can see it is not an eyesore. This is going to be a draw to the City of Shelby,” Rosinsky stated.....Read More

Railroad Memorabilia Display March 22 At Buck's Hardware

Editor’s Note: This is the first of two stories featuring signal maintenance on the railroad and its history.

A lifelong career working on the railroad is still a part of life for John Morrow, even with retirement in 2006.

The longtime signal maintainer saw the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad become the Chessie System and finally CSX Transportation. Through it all, he worked in a number of towers including Nova, Sterling and Greenwich. He will have a display set up at Buck’s Hardware in downtown Greenwich on Friday, March 22 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for railroad fans, young and old, to see a unique part of railroad history......Read More

North Fairfield Concerned With Unkept Property

A complaint received by council members in North Fairfield about a property with debris and junk was under discussion during Monday night’s meeting.

Village administrator Tom Leto told council he has made repeated attempts to contact the property owner by phone. “He does not return phone calls,” he said.

Leto questioned whether he can simply walk on to the property to see the condition of it....Read More

Ohio Farms Use Agri-Chemicals Produced In 'Bone Valley'

Most people in Ohio have probably never heard of Mulberry, Florida, a town of around 4,000 people, 40 miles west of Tampa. Over the years, many tons of agri-chemicals produced in local processing plants have been put on Ohio farm fields.

The population figure is misleading since the town was kept from expanding for generations by the phosphate mines. Many people who work in the agri-chemical industry around Mulberry live in surrounding towns. As mining has moved south into neighboring counties, the industry has been disposing of reclaimed mine land which has allowed for housing development.

While the agricultural chemical industry is still a main employer, Mulberry has diversified away from phosphate in the last 20 years due to the consolidation of the industry.....Read More

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