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Salt Supply Sufficient

SHELBY- As the month of February moves right along, salt bins in the city are typically dwindling at quick rate this time of year. However, that is not exactly the case this winter season.

Utilities Director John Ensman explained so far this salting season the Service Department has spread 625 tons of salt and there have been 19 salting events.

Ensman said there is about 1,000 tons of salt in storage...Read More

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Seat Belt Grant Helps With EMS Supplies

SHELBY- Fire Chief Mike Thompson reported on a reimbursement grant, while discussions continued over future plans with sewer concerns on West Main Street during Tuesday afternoon’s Safety Committee meeting.

Thompson explained the department would be receiving a reimbursement grant from seat belts fines collected.

“All of the seat belt money for fines goes to the Division of EMS and then however many is done in the state is split up between everyone,” Thompson said.

Thompson stated the amount Shelby would receive was estimated to be about $5,000. The grant money will be directed toward EMS supplies...Read More

Board Of Ed To Help City Pay For School Signals

The City of Willard will be putting up school warning signs on South Main Street, according to Willard City Schools Superintendent Jeff Ritz.

“Since this building was built,” he told members of the board of education at their February meeting, “the calls that I receive the most complaints about are the signage out on Main Street. Meaning the school zone, the speeding zone down through there.”

The new building, he noted, is considered to be on Ohio 103.

“It is a state highway,” Ritz pointed out. “The State of Ohio just put out grants to put out flashing school zone signs.”

Ritz said he called Columbus to a division of the Ohio Department of Transportation...Read More

Exciting, Interesting, Fun STEAM Event Held At NL Elementary

Exciting, interesting and fun described a recently held STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) event, according to New London Elementary School Principal Amanda Accavallo.

Kindergarten through grade five students were able to experience numerous hands-on activities at the mobile STEAM Museum.

“Kids really enjoyed this,” Accavallo said. “We have started a ‘Maker Space’ this year and this really made a nice connection to that.”

The Maker Space is an area devoted to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) activities, allowing students to build and create. The space focusing on STEM also fosters creativity, collaboration and critical thinking skills, according to Accavallo. “What was great about this (STEAM Museum) is that it built on what they are already doing in school.” She noted the robotics pieces are something they don’t have in the Maker Space yet, so that served as an introduction for our kids. It was really fun to see all of their excitement....Read More

Small Farm Village Receives Gift of Electricity

On February 6, 2016, the village of La Soledad in Guatemala had four scrawny cows. When Rick Bowers, journeyman lineman for Firelands Electric Cooperative, left 18 days later, they only had three cows.

Bowers and 16 others volunteered to travel to the small, rural farm village in Central America with the goal of bringing electricity to the developing area. When that goal was accomplished, it was time for a celebration.

“At the end when we were wrapping up they killed one of the cows to have a big barbecue type thing,” Bowers said...Read More

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