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Arby's Offers Alternative To Hamburgers: New Shelby Business Enjoying Success Since Early January Opening

SHELBY - Although Arby's in Shelby has been open since January 5, the official grand opening and ribbon cutting with Mayor Steve Schag took place on Thursday.

On hand to congratulate Dave Giesen, owner of the franchise was Mayor Schag, Cassie Bromfield and Logan Fritz from Richland Bank, Stephanie Elgin, Jodie Perry, and Jason McCoy from the Richland County Chamber of Commerce, Cassandra Edwards, Store Manager, and Allan Garnon, Director of Operations of Arby's in 10 stores that is owned by Giesen in Ohio.

Giesen owns the franchise of the 10 stores. He stated, “Most of Arby's is corporate owned. The corporation owns 1,100 stores throughout the USA. I prefer to own my own store and after scouting Shelby, I felt it would be a great place to build an Arby's. I have plans to build a few more around Ohio...Read More

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Clean-Up Project Update Provided

SHELBY- Updates were provided from the Black Fork Clean-Up Project, while administrators of the city discussed the possibility of using Tawa Tree Service during Monday night’s regular city council meeting.

Clean-Up Organizer John Schroeder addressed council members to report on the recent updates surrounding the project.

“To date we have brought in $205,035 and we have paid out $82,958. Our fundraising is still ongoing and we are looking to in the next couple weeks to have the names of all the participants that have contributed to the project,” Schroeder stated.

Other individuals also voiced their concerns about the future of the project regarding Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District...Read More

Frigid Temps Taking Toll On Water Mains

Frigid temperatures have taken a toll on the water mains within the City of Willard, according to city manager Jim Ludban.

“The water main breaks and resulting conditions have caused our daily water production to increase in order to ensure adequate supply,” he told members of city council. “We are closely monitoring our external customers’ meters to determine if their demands have significantly increased, as well as continuing to search for sources of loss within the city.”

After city workers fixed a water leak on Tiffin Street, Ludban said water production remained high.

“The average this time of year is one million (gallons) to 1.2 million production a day,” he said. “It remained between 1.8 and 2 million gallons a day. We checked the usual suspects in places that have leaked in the past and didn’t find anything...Read More

Firelands Ambulance Service Run Totals Down

During a recently held board meeting of the Firelands Ambulance Service fiscal officer Jeff Vanderpool discussed the 2017 run totals.

He told board members the total runs for last year were 557. That total is 24 less than in 2016.

There were 310 in New London Village, 44 In New London Township, 39 in Ruggles Township, 76 in Troy Township, 84 in Fitchville Township and 24 mutual aid.

Motor vehicle crashes totaled 56 with 1 in the village, 11 in New London Township, 7 in Ruggles Township, 10 in Troy Township 25 in Fitchville Township, and 2 Mutual aid...Read More

The Eisenhauers Love Goats- Two Barns Full

The Eisenhauer family loves goats.

They live near Shiloh and have two barns full of goats.

Most of their goats are Nubians. Nubians have very long floppy ears that should extend about one inch beyond the muzzle. They can be any color and should have a convex (Roman) nose. Nubians are considered dairy goats and are one of the larger breeds of goats, with a height requirement of thirty inches weighing around one hundred thirty-five pounds. This breed of goat tends to produce some what less milk than other breeds, but their milk tends to be higher in protein and butter fat content than other breeds. They tend to be a little bit more stubborn than other dairy goats and make a distinctive sound. Even Nubian kids sound like they are complaining. This is probably the most popular breed of dairy goat in the U.S. Most Nubian goats in the U.S. derive from English lines developed by crossing English dairy goats with African and Indian lop-eared breeds....Read More

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