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Old Business Creeps Up In Jackson Twp. Conversation

JACKSON TWP - Jackson Township trustees had a number of items in old business to provide updates to township residents during Monday night's regular meeting.

The first item of old business was in regards to a labor exchange agreement addressed by Chairman Paul Carriere.

"We have talked over the last couple meetings about an exchange agreement between different townships, but then there was a lot of conversation about how they wanted to square up on hours at the end of the year and no one was really keeping track of the hours," Carriere said...Read More

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Growing Concerns Over City Coffers

SHELBY - Even though the city recently took steps to help increase revenue in the General Fund, financial concerns were still in the forefront of council conversation when they met Tuesday night.

In her report from the Finance and Personnel Committee meeting, Councilmember Pat Carlisle noted the General Fund had a cash balance of $152,197 with encumbrances of $128,220, leaving only $23,977 available.

Carlisle did note the General Fund revenue are up $207,5643 compared to 2013, largely because 2014 was the first year of collection for a streets/alleys/sidewalk levy passed in 2013...Read More

City Sees Increase In Income Tax Revenues

The City of Willard ended in better shape than anticipated when it comes to the budget. Willard City Finance Director Sue Johnson told members of city council the city collected more than $3.3 million in income tax revenues.

"That was $306,000 more than we had anticipated," she pointed out. "That is the most revenue we have collected since 1999 when we collected in the $4 million range."...Read More

Farming For The Love Of The Land, And The Independence

Kammstead Farms is located in Hartland Township in the rural New London area and is owned by Marilyn and Lauren Kamm, who farm the land along with their son David.

Lauren was raised near Berlin Heights and was a member of the community's last graduating class (after which the students were absorbed into the Edison School District). He was raised on a farm and in 1972, after graduating from Bowling Green State University, bought 137 acres of land in Hartland Township...Read More

Fred's Christmas Tree Farm Had A Successful First Season

Orthopedic Doctor Walter Heyse, and his wife, Emily, lived in Berea and became the parents of five children. They felt that the children should learn the value of working, instead of getting hand outs, so they purchased 140 acres in Valley City at 5631 Mack Drive in 1965.

By 1978, 100 acres were planted to evergreens and Fred's Christmas Tree Farm was born.

The family commuted often, camping out to care for them. Now, three of the families have built homes on the land and the third generation is active on the farm. All the five children have off the farm jobs and come for the weekends preceding Christmas...Read More

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