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Council Hires Ludban As Interim City Manager

L. James Ludban was hired by Willard City Council to serve as interim city manager. Ludban’s service as city manager will continue while council conducts a search for a replacement for present city manager Shawn Tappel whose resignation will take effect June 3. Ludban will start his new duties on May 23.

The ordinance was passed by an emergency but not by a unanimous vote. Council member Joe Daniel abstained because he is related to Ludban.

Council member David Sattig voted no to the hiring of Ludban as interim city manager. Sattig said he is related to Ludban by marriage...Read More

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Time/Temp Fixture Back On City Hall

SHELBY - City Hall received a new addition that has been long awaited by many community members.

Mayor Steven Schag explained on Friday, May 13, the city received the time and temperature fixture to place under the City Hall sign in front of the building.

“A member of the community came in to my office and said it was a passion of his to see the time and temperature fixture refurbished and functioning. Over the months, I had several people approaching me about the issue,” Schag stated.

The fixture had been out of service for a number of years.

“I think people became accustomed to driving up Main Street and seeing the time and temperature,” Schag said...Read More

WHS Students Honored With Awards, Scholarships

Willard High School held its annual awards program to recognize its seniors and their hard work over their high school years. The awards included a hefty number of scholarships to help the deserving students pay for their college tuition.

The Academic Hall of Fame inductees and scholarship winners included the following:...Read More

Sixty Years Of Little Leage Celebrated In New London

Little League has earned a special place in the hearts and minds of many, many residents both past and present in New London Ohio.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the franchise that began in the village in 1956, according to league president Jill Mitchell.

Following in the footsteps of that first year, Mitchell, said she believes 2016 is one of the very biggest years for Little League...Read More

Coyotes In The Firelands - Not That Uncommon

Anyone with questions about coyotes might want to contact Jamey Emmert, who is a wildlife communications specialist with the Ohio Division of Wildlife.

Emmert presented a public program about coyotes at the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife’s Lake Erie Unit in Sandusky.

She started by saying there is, "a lot of misinformation about coyotes" and then asked audience members why they attended the program. The responses included questions such as where did they come from, why are they here, are they a danger to small pets and grandchildren and how to tell the difference between a coyote and a dog or wolf...Read More

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