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2019 Declared 'Year of the Bible'

RICHLAND COUNTY - Over 150 pastors of various churches in the area met recently at the Bible Walk Museum in Mansfield to declare the year 2019 as the “Year of the Bible.” They are taking a stand against crime, drugs, and immorality.

The clergy are taking ownership of their community. Their belief is the Bible is coming to life beyond belief in the heartland of the Buckeye State. Clergyman from Richland County and the surrounding area are reclaiming the nexus between church and state and proving they are the enigma that can bring social change to this region...Read More

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Zoning Matters Mulled Over At Jackson

JACKSON TWP- Special reports including updates on zoning projects were presented during Tuesday night’s regular Jackson Township meeting.

Zoning Inspector Ron Carpenter explained he had issued a number of permits for a variety of projects throughout the township.

Carpenter stated a permit was issued to a resident on State Route 39 for a storage building and another permit was also issued on State Route 39 for a pole barn on the resident’s lot. In addition, Carpenter said he had a request from a resident on Laser Road for a proposed building for agriculture use...Read More

Plymouth Police DAREing To Make A Difference In Community

The Plymouth Police Department is stepping up its commitment to the community by using the DARE program in the Plymouth-Shiloh Local Schools.

There will be a gathering on Thursday, Jan. 10 at 6 p.m. at the police department so officers can share what DARE will include, along with the introduction of the DARE officer. The meeting is open to the public and families are encouraged to attend.

According to Capt. Montel Gordon of the Plymouth Police Department, this is the first time his agency has sent an officer to receive their DARE certification. Officer Terrie Shean, he noted, was the perfect choice to become the DARE officer...Read More

NL Village Council Top Four NLPD Officers Receive Pay Raises, WTPIP Financing Discussed

Pay increases for the top four in New London Police Department were approved following a closed door meeting of village council during Monday night’s regular meeting.

The pay increases average 6.4 percent according to mayor John Martin. Police Chief Mike Marko, Lt. Joe Hicks and Sgt. Seth Miracle will each receive an increase of $1.50 per hour and investigator Lance Capiot $1 per hour.

Martin noted there have been no pay increases in the department since 2015......Read More

Agriculture Going Back To The Days Of The Vikings

Everybody knows who the Vikings were. They traveled the seven seas in their longboats, pillaging, raping, murdering, plundering monasteries and nunneries for their gold and silver, and taking slaves for use at home. Is all this true? Yes, it is, but many, perhaps most Vikings as I found out, in Iceland museums several years ago stayed at home and farmed, raising gardens, crops, and livestock.

I came from Viking stock myself since many of my ancestors lived in Denmark, which along with Norway produced most of those early Vikings, so I have a special interest in those people. And a long look at Google, at books and magazine articles, and more, told a story that went far beyond murder and pillage.....Read More

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