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Local Boy Save The Day- Travis Slone Warns Neighbor of Shed Fire

SHELBY - In 2015 there were over one million house fires throughout the United States, according to the National Fire Protection Association. But for 2016, there will be one less. Thanks to nine year old Travis Slone, the Bowman household still remains standing...Read More

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New Technology Streaming Through SHS, SMS

SHELBY- Students at Shelby Middle School and Shelby High School are taking full advantage of the new technology equipments awarded to the district through grants.

Middle School and High School Teacher Steve Clark explained the district recently received a brand new Afinia 3D printer...Read More

Magician Tells Students To Follow Their Dreams

Charlie Myrick, who is know as the World’s Greatest Magician in Las Vegas, visited Willard Middle School recently with an important message weaved into a magic show to urge young people to chase their dreams.

For Myrick, the magic all began when he was nine years old. He recalled he was in the middle of his third grade year and was unable to read or write. Not only was he bullied on a daily basis, he was embarrassed and kept to himself....Read More

Two Teens Traveled 7,000 Miles To Study At NLHS

Gaia Vecchiet and Saruta Wongsathapornchai have a few things in common. They have both visited more than thirteen countries, and they both traveled more than 7,000 miles to study at New London High School.

Gaia, a junior, and Saruta, a sophomore, are foreign exchange students through the American Field Service Intercultural program, or AFS, and are living with their host-family, Tonya and John Brown in New London....Read More

Firelands Friends Bond Over Apple Butter Event

There are 126 medium apples in a bushel. On Oct. 15, seven friends of Jody and Ben Chaffee visited their home to help peel four bushels, or 504 apples, to help prepare for their ninth-annual apple butter festival the following day.

It all started when the Chaffee’s went to their friend’s apple butter event, which they hold every other year. After that, they knew they wanted to bring it to their community...Read More

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Shelby Football vs. Norwalk

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Shelby Volleyball vs. Western Reserve

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Shelby Cross Country at Galion Invitational

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Shelby Tennis vs. Upper Sandusky

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