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Potential Electric Cost Savings Explained

SHELBY- Potential electric cost savings and plans were presented during the Utilities and Streets Committee meeting on Thursday afternoon.

Utilities Director John Ensman explained Kinect Energy was performing the review and design for the project.

“This is needed to achieve a sound design to provide accurate financial forecasting,” Ensman stated.

The focus of the design scope is on generation charges, distribution charges, and a cash balance reduction, Ensman continued......Read More

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Progress Continues On Sewer Project

SHELBY- Future plans for the West Main Street Sewer Project were presented before the Utilities and Streets Committee last week by Project Coordinator of the City Joe Gies.

To begin his report, Gies explained the variance was approved for regional planning.

“In the first meeting of March, we are going to have to have a resolution approving the property purchase for the easements. The plans were changed when the resolution of necessity was done, so there will be another resolution basically altering the plans that were done for that resolution of necessity,” Gies said....Read More

Pigs, Pigs And More Pigs

PLYMOUTH - Brenda Schaub always took pigs to the fair while growing up on a farm east of Plymouth. She enjoyed raising the pigs from tiny babies to 285 pounders. She and her husband Jaime, a Shelby High School graduate, and their children live next to the farm house she was raised in with her parents. Together Brenda and Jaime have 5 children.

Several years ago Brenda's father, Jim Roberts, told her if she wanted to get into the pig business “Go big or go out.” She took her father's advice and went big....Read More

Trades Of Hope Brought To NL Rotary

“Trades of Hope empowers women out of poverty,” Annette Steiner told New London Rotary Club members during a recent meeting.

“TOH’s beginning was eight years ago with a mother/daughter duo who wanted to make a difference in the world,” Steiner said.

“One founder was missionary in Haiti for eight years and saw the need for more than just helping people. Just giving things was destructive,” Steiner said. “The other founder experienced a heart attack at the age of 40. When she survived she knew that God wasn’t done with her. She wanted to do something to impact the world....Read More

Real Love Isn't Glamorous

This Valentine’s Day, if you were to construct a paradigm of your ideal of love - what would you include in your model? Which immediately begs for an answer to what were the foundation of the variables of your example? In other words, where and how did you develop your ideal of love?

What I call the ‘Harlequin’ ideal has been the downfall of countless relationships. Romance books, movies or a surface glimpse into the lives of other people depict unrealistic expectations which undermines a realistic approach to love and everyday life.

Their depiction seldom include a real couple working together to survive the garbage the world throws at them. When two people join together day after day to contribute to a solid unit, it isn’t exciting or glamorous, often it’s repetitious and even a little bit routine.....Read More

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