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Old Business Creeps Up In Jackson Twp. Conversation

Daily Globe Staff Reporter

JACKSON TWP - Jackson Township trustees had a number of items in old business to provide updates to township residents during Monday night's regular meeting.

The first item of old business was in regards to a labor exchange agreement addressed by Chairman Paul Carriere.

"We have talked over the last couple meetings about an exchange agreement between different townships, but then there was a lot of conversation about how they wanted to square up on hours at the end of the year and no one was really keeping track of the hours," Carriere said.

"What we are going to do is to do it without that terminology in there and I took responsibility of doing that, but I have not gotten to that yet because I have been working on other things. I will get that to you the next meeting," Carriere said.

Moving forward, Vice Chairman Gaylord Rice, Jr. updated the trustees on the surveillance system which will be placed at the township building.

"I thought everything would be installed by now, but they had to back order some of the cameras and the last piece of equipment should come in tomorrow. They are expecting installation by either this week or next," Rice shared.

Carriere also shared information regarding the issue of health insurance through Richland County.

"I have been working with Cathy Mosier and she has been going back and forth with the health insurance consultant and the commissioners. Kurt (Stumbo, road superintendent) said he had called the commissioners office and they had said they had already voted on it," Carriere stated.

Carriere explained he contacted Mosier once again because he had not heard any updates for a couple of days and Mosier stated the issue was going before the commissioners on Tuesday, January 20 for a final vote.

Continuing on, Trustee Greg Vogt took the floor to discuss Laser Road and potential guardrails.

"What I am trying to do is put Laser Road and also George Hawk Road together because there is an area on George Hawk that has a really deep ditch and it is like 515 feet long, and it is close to Myers Road. Between the two locations it is like five and a half miles," Vogt stated.

"If we do it separately there are two separate mobility charges, so I am working on doing it together. We are kind of at the mercy of the engineers at the county right now. I am in contact with Adam Gove through the county, so I am waiting to hear back from him."

Vogt shared he had checked with the county engineer's office in hopes for possible grant money being available.

"There is nothing for guardrails, so that will pretty much be up to us. They do have the Shelby Foundation and the Richland County Foundation that could possibly help if we wanted to go that route, but I would kind of like to save them for the railroad crossings for back up money if we can't get anything there," Vogt stated.

Vogt explained he was looking at these issues for safety reasons.

Regarding the township website, Carriere explained a number of pages have been created.

"I have a few pages I would like to bring up live. The name of the website is jacksontownship.org and I feel really lucky that we were able to get that," Carriere said.

One other issue in old business Vogt brought before the trustees included railroad crossings.

"The crossing I am really concerned with is on George Hawk because when you come up to it in a plow truck you just can't see. The visibility is just terrible," Vogt stated.

Vogt continued by explaining he spoke with a employee of Ohio Rail Commission who then referred Vogt to an employee at the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.

"I am waiting for the engineers to get back with me from the county for more information and that is something I am working on because that crossing really concerns me," Vogt stated.

Another item of business which was discussed involved the equipment inventory. Carriere explained he was able to covert the equipment inventory report from a PDF into an Excel spreadsheet.

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