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Humane Society Seizes Dogs

By Jane Ernsberger
Times-Junction News Editor

The Huron County Humane Society seized a number of dogs from a residence on Woodland Avenue last week.

"We had been there before," noted Kathleen Hampton, lead investigator for the Humane Society. "Last fall we responded to a call involving nasty conditions.

"All we saw at that time was several cats and two dogs," Hampton noted. "We didn't know about any others. She told us all of the animals were out of the apartment and that she only had four dogs. The others were hidden in cages."

After Huron County Dog Warden Gary Ousley received information there might be someone at that location hoarding animals, Hampton said the seizure was made.

Hampton said they took 19 dogs from the one-bedroom upstairs apartment. Four dogs were left because they were licensed to the woman living in the apartment.

There were also several birds, cats and rabbits inside the apartment. Those, Hampton said were not taken since the woman said she had a place to go and take the animals with her.

Hampton called this type of hoarding urban mills. The woman was apparently putting the animals for sale on the Internet.

"She couldn't afford to spay or neuter the dogs," Hampton explained. "So she was selling the puppies."

The dogs taken from the three room apartment were thin.

"Other than that," Hampton said, "I was shocked they didn't have fleas. I didn't see any dog food. She must have been feeding them people food."

The dogs taken from the Woodland Avenue apartment were taken to a veterinarian. Hampton said they were underweight and would have to be wormed. The dogs were going to be spayed or neutered within the next two weeks.

"There are some moms and their babies," Hampton noted. "We will have to wean them. That will put a strain on our budget."

Once the animals are ready, they will be available for fostering and adoption. Hampton said they cannot be adopted out until they have been spayed or neutered.

Two of the dogs have severely deformed jaws. These, Hampton pointed out, will have to be fixed since the problems interfere with the dogs' abilities to eat.

No charges have been filed against the woman. Hampton said she offered her the chance to release the animals in lieu of charges. The cats were going to be barn cats and were supposed to go to a location in Sandusky. Several days later, a follow up showed this was not done by the woman.

"She took them down the street to her friend's house," Hampton said. "She never took the animals where she was supposed to. She has moved them a couple of times. She is a hoarder."

Hampton said the case is not closed since the woman has not complied with the agreement. The woman was being evicted that morning. There had not been any water in the apartment for the past three months.

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