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Personnel Directives Discussed AT MML

Daily Globe Staff Reporter

SHELBY- Fiscal Officer of Marvin Memorial Library Traci Montgomery provided updates surrounding the personnel policy during Monday night’s regular board of trustee meeting.

Montgomery explained to the trustees there were some areas of the personnel policy which needed adjustments.

"We hired a couple girls in June I believe and one of the girls was also working at the school as an aide. She was hired for 24 hours a week and now she is only working 12 hours a week. So, instead of replacing her we would like to give some of the other girls or alternate a few six hour shifts throughout the month,” Montgomery said.

"So, we would like to make a part time person 30 hours instead of 24 hours per week,” Montgomery continued.

President of the trustees Garland Gates asked what would the advantage be to the change.

"Not having to train someone else and then not having to have someone only be there 12 hours a week, but then when we have vacations and that we would have someone to pick up the slack,” Montgomery replied.

Director of Marvin Memorial Library Kathy Webb explained in the change within the policy, it clearly stated part time employees would work fewer than 30 hours per week.

"When we hit the 30 hour mark we have to pay the week’s worth of health insurance. So, that is specifically less than 30 hours. I do like the idea and I do see the point in keeping it fewer than 30 hours per week,” Webb added.

Regarding hours of work, Montgomery said the section was just reiterating what full time and part time hours were.

In the policy it states regular full time employees work 30 hours per week or more and regular part time employees work less than 30 hours per week.

Montgomery then explained some changes made to the section 4.4 in reference to paychecks.

"This was a change made last year where we went to the 26 pay periods per year. I made a correction to that also. This says paychecks are issued on a bi-weekly basis. There are 26 pay periods per year. If the pay period falls on a holiday when the library is closed, paychecks will be issued the first preceding weekday. The pay period covers Monday 12 a.m. through Sunday 11:59 p.m. 14 days. Time sheets are submitted to the director on Monday by noon. Pay stubs are delivered to employee mailboxes on Wednesday. Paychecks are dated Thursday,” Montgomery said.

In section 5.1 with insurance, Montgomery presented the changes made to the personnel policy.

"With eligibility, employees (salaried, full time, and part time) are eligible for health insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance under the policy chosen by the board of trustees. Any full time staff member, who was hired prior to 2014, with 25 hour/week or more will be grandfathered (still considered) full time after this update,” Montgomery said.

Montgomery explained the library had one employee who was considered full time who works 27-28 hours per week.

"Full time employees electing to participate in the insurance coverage will be responsible for a cost share amount of the employee portion of the health insurance premium. This amount will be published annually with each insurance policy renewal period. Full time employees may elect family coverage and will be responsible for 20 percent of the premium. This is just an example, it could be 50 percent or none. Part time employees electing to participate in the insurance coverage, will be responsible for 100 percent of the premium,” Montgomery stated.

Montgomery explained currently part time employees cannot purchase the insurance.

Gates explained he had met with Montgomery and Webb to explain why these changes were suggested to be made.

"Their comment was it was an incentive to keep people here at the library. For example, the dental and vision insurance, anyone who wants to can buy into that. It is made available to them and we are just thinking of incentives to keep people here,” Gates added.

Gates explained the big change made to the policy was in regards to the change in the premium with family coverage.

"Right now, full time employees may elect family coverage but they are responsible for 100 percent of the premium. This is follow up to the request that we had last month. This is the draft that comes to us with the 20 percent figure there,” Gates said.

Vice President of the trustees Jane Ernsberger explained an issue she saw with the changes made regarding the percentage of the premium.

"The only problem I see, is if someone has a lot of children or something like that we would be picking up a lot. I don’t know if you can limit to the spouse or something, the spouse I would have no problem with but if they have four children they are paying 20 percent and we are paying 80 percent for that number of children. Spouse I have no problem with,” Ernsberger said.

"If you are on a family plan, I don’t know of any insurance plan where it would say you are limited to three kids. So, I don’t think that would necessarily be the case. Any insurance plan that I have seen is priced at single or family regardless the size of the family,” Gates replied.

Trustee Jerry Payne added insurance plans consisted of single or family plans.

"I am all for including the family plan in it, percentage I don’t know yet,” Ernsberger added.

Montgomery also presented changes in wording with vacation , holidays, and sick leave sections of the personnel policy.

One final change Montgomery suggested in the personnel policy was an employee must surrender any and or all passwords (e-mail or otherwise) upon resignation or termination.

After the suggestions were made, discussions were had regarding the policy. Gates explained all changes which were approved would go into effect beginning the first of the year.

"The board doesn’t have to make a decision right now, we could look at it again in December,” Gates said.

Ernsberger asked Payne if 20 percent was a fair amount for the family plan insurance policy.

Payne explained he thought it was a fair amount.

"If there is nothing else, I believe we may be in the position to adopt these recommendations as a whole,” Gates explained.

A motion was made to adopt the recommendations as a whole and the board unanimously approved.

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