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UFS Making Strides Toward Goal

Daily Globe News Editor

SHELBY - With about a month to go in the United Fund of Shelby campaign, team members are happy with where fundraising is at this point with donations coming in at $119,100.87 - 82-percent of their $145,000 goal.

The United Fund Team met last week to go over totals and to talk about how to raise more funds to reach their annual goal.

The United Fund of Shelby raises money each year and donates to 16 different area organizations that help area residents in one form or another.

The Schools Committee reported they brought in another $4,284 which brings their total to $10,544 or 59 percent of their goal.

The Industrial Committee noted they brought in an additional $5,773 from Carton Service and another $43,532.97 from the employees at ArcelorMittal.

These contributions put the Industrial Committee at $78,405.97 - 96-percent of their goal.

The Business and Professional Committee noted they raised another $1,350, bringing their fundraising efforts to a total of $7,740 - 52 percent of their goal.

It was reported Residential Committee fundraising is $1,460 this time around with $12,801 to date - which is 67-percent of their goal.

The Municipal Committee noted they raised $1,237.90 with a total of $4,229.90 raised since September - or 85-percent of their goal.

“That’s just all the municipal employees donating,” noted Municipal Committee Chair Joe Gies.

Clubs and Organizations raised another $500 with a grand total so far at $1,250 which is 83-percent of their goal.

Agri-Business noted they raised an additional $400 this week putting their total at $3,050 so far which is 68-percent of their goal.

“We are well on our way,” noted United Fund Chairman Tim Kleman.

It was noted last year at this point the committee had raised just 35-percent of their goal.

“I’m very pleased with where we are now,” Kleman said. “We hope to have all the donations by sometime in December.”

“So we have about another month to go,” said Treasurer Carrie Kemerer. “We usually wrap it up the first or second week of December.

“We want to express our gratitude and we really appreciate everyone’s donations because every dollar makes a difference,” Kemerer added. “Our community is very generous and always has been very generous.”

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