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Johnson's Unique Antiques Open For Business

Daily Globe Staff Reporter

SHELBY- Johnson’s Unique Antiques is officially open and ready for business.

On Monday, Owner of Johnson’s Unique Antiques Ron Johnson and his wife, Muriel, were welcomed by Mayor Steven Schag and others for a ribbon cutting ceremony. Johnson’s Unique Antiques is located at 82 West Main Street.

“We often use the term ‘red letter day’ and this is for Ron and Muriel Johnson. If you have an opportunity to go through these rooms, it is fascinating to see all the antiques that are in there. They are very nice and clean and well organized. I really admire the work that Ron and Muriel have put into this,” Schag stated.

Schag explained just how important ribbon cutting ceremonies were to the community.

“I’m reminded that someone has put a lot of time, energy, and financial resource into an entrepreneurial project. This certainly embodies all of that,” Schag said. “Ron was just saying it had been a matter of days since they got the building and they have refurbished things and it is just fantastic. As the Mayor of Shelby, I am very pleased to welcome Johnson’s Unique Antiques.”

Schag explained he hoped individuals would spread the word about the new downtown business.

“There are all sorts of price ranges and you can take something home to your place that can be a good conversation piece,” Schag said.

Johnson stated the opening of the business was done extremely fast.

“Tomorrow will be five weeks since I drove by this building and saw it for sale. The following week it was in our name and we started in. We bought several buckets of paint and cleaned, we worked really hard the last three weeks,” Johnson explained.

Johnson and his wife invited their pastor, Doug Tackett, to have a prayer of dedication and then the ribbon was officially cut opening the business.

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