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Bullying Report Addressed

Daily Globe Staff Reporter

SHELBY- The end of year bullying report was addressed as well as report cards for the school year during the Shelby Board of Education meeting held on Monday night.

Superintendent Tim Tarvin explained during the 2014-2015 school year the high school reported nine bullying incidents, the middle school had two incidents, and both elementary schools had zero incidents.

“This year the middle school had zero incidents, Auburn had zero, Dowds had one, and the high school had eight. We usually talk about this twice a year. The schools submit a bullying report for each semester,” Tarvin said.

Tarvin stated the report for the month of June was compiled of the total number of bullying incidents for the school year.

“We have a uniformed policy throughout the district with bullying and it helps us track the behavior. The kids will get yellow cards that can become red cards, which becomes bullying. If I ask one of the principals how many red cards they had, they know that is specific toward bullying,” Tarvin said.

President of the Board Lorie White asked Shelby Middle School Assistant Principal Barb Green about how many yellow cards were handed out for the year.

“I would say in grades five through eight this year maybe five yellow cards were given out. We get parents and students involved and it usually does take care of itself,” Green stated.

White also asked Tarvin if the bullying report was available on the district’s website. Tarvin explained the report was available online.

Assistant Superintendent/Curriculum Director Paul Walker explained federal budgets were currently being worked on and the deadline to have everything completed would be July 1.

Walker stated the results of the state report card were starting to come in slowly.

“The third grade reading guarantee results came in on June 15. We are going over those to see if any kids will have to take the summer testing to meet the reading promotion. It is looking very positive that they won’t have to because there is an alternate measure they could have taken during the school year. On June 30, the high school and the other grades will come in for the district,” Walker said.

The projected state report card is supposed to be out sometime in September, Walker explained.

“Will this time frame be typical because what do you do if you have a kid who needs those test scores to graduate,” White asked.

“We will be offering summer testing in July for those kids,” Walker replied.

“So, that would be for incoming seniors? The idea is that they should have most of their points before they get to their senior year,” White stated.

Walker replied to White and explained she was correct with her statement.

“Most of the tests should be out of the way when they are seniors. Their ninth and tenth grade years are critical to make sure they have enough points as they move into eleventh and twelfth grade,” Walker said.

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