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Chief Provides Update On The New Fire Station

Daily Globe Staff Reporter

SHELBY- Fire Chief Mike Thompson reported on the progress of the construction of the new fire station during Wednesday afternoon’s regular Safety Committee meeting.

Thompson explained the metal had been delivered to the construction site.

“They delivered that two days ago and they are laying block right now. They will be going around the perimeter and then they will start on the hose tower. So, this is all pretty exciting,” Thompson said.

Regarding furnishings for the new station, Thompson added he had been in contact with Friends of the Black Fork.

“I spoke with them and so far they have raised $21,000 to this point. They are still accepting donations to go toward the furnishings,” Thompson said.

Anyone who would like to donate can do so at 34 East Main Street.

As far as grants for the department, Thompson explained he was still waiting to hear updates.

“We are still waiting to hear from The Shelby Foundation, The Richland Foundation, and the USDA. We have those out there trying to see if we can get some funding,” Thompson said.

On March 20, Thompson explained the state was giving a mandate for all fire inspectors to go to a class to update the 2017 fire code.

“It was just released and it is mandatory. We must attend, that is the only one we could get into,” Thompson stated.

Thompson added the class was provided free of charge, however, attendance was mandatory.

The inspectors included: Sam Sauder, Matt Shade, Randy Washburn, Brian Finnegan, and Thompson.

Thompson explained he also visited Sharon Township during their regular meeting on Monday, March 5. Thompson continued and said he tries to visit the townships at least twice a year and would plan on visiting Jackson Township in April.

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