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'Stuff the Caboose' A Huge Success

Daily Globe Staff Reporter

SHELBY - The Shelby Cruise In offered a wide range of classic cars for spectators to enjoy, however, there was another special feature which made a lasting impression on many involved with the event.

'Stuff the Caboose' made its grand appearance at this year's Cruise In. This was the first opportunity for community members to get an up close view of the unique crafted item. The caboose was sponsored by the Shelby Area Business Group as a way for community members to donate to the Shelby Helpline. Items which were accepted for donations included school supplies and food.

SABG member Julie Britton explained how the caboose went over.

"We got over $1,500 worth of school supplies donated from School Specialty and approximately $200-300 worth of food. All of the items that were donated have been delivered to the Shelby Helpline. There were additional supplies donated from School Speciality for the schools and Tim Tarvin (superintendent) picked those up. School Specialty was simply wonderful, they were a huge help with donations and we are truly appreciative of everything that was donated from everyone," Britton said

Britton also expressed her gratitude to the Shelby Cruise In Committee.

"The committee also donated $500 to the SABG for the Polar Express as well as donating $500 to the Shelby Helpline. It was just fantastic being able to work with them (committee) and we just had a great event. The community was amazing as well we are just so thankful for everything," said Britton.

If community members are wondering if they can see the caboose again, the answer is yes. Britton explained the caboose will be used for SABG's next event, The Chili Cook Off, which will occur on October 5. Britton said the group plans on using the caboose for a Food Pantry Drive. The caboose will also be used for the group's main event, The Polar Express.

"We plan on doing this event again next year. It was just wonderful to receive those donations for the Shelby Helpline," said Britton.

In addition to the SABG collecting donations, the Shelby Fire Department and Shelby Police Department joined in as well.

Fire Department Captain Bob Deane explained the department collected "a considerable amount of donations for the Shelby Helpline".

Police Department Captain Barry Argo explained the department had a cruiser beside the caboose and the cruiser contained "quite a bit of donations". All of the items from the SABG, the police department, and the fire department were delivered to the Shelby Helpline.

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