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Bowling Is Right Up Their Alley For Christie Lane, Deputies

By Jane Ernsberger
Times-Junction News Editor

Some students at Christie Lane School got the chance to challenge sheriff's deputies on the alleys recently.

Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard and several of his deputies volunteered their off-time to take the students bowling at Willard's Dynasty Lanes. The deputies paid for the games from their own pockets.

"We've been doing this for six years now," Howard said. "We have had pizza with the kids, taken them fishing and had a bonfire.

"It's a very rewarding friendship for us," he pointed out. "Initially, we just wanted to do something nice for the folks at Christie Lane. The deputies and I have received much more than we have put in."

Whenever any of the deputies walk into Christie Lane or meet with students at a place like Dynasty Lanes, Howard said they are greeted with huge smiles.

"Their wit and sense of humor show their loving personalities," he said. "I would encourage anyone who wants to get involved with these students to do so. We get so much more out of it."

Jeremy Risner, a student at Christie Lane, challenged the sheriff to a roll off, even before Risner bowled a strike. Howard said he took the challenge.

When not sharing time with the students at the bowling alley, Howard said they have taken the students to Ron and Carol Robinson's home for a BBQ and fishing.

The feelings of affection are evident as the off-duty deputies spend time with students who face some definite developmental challenges. There are continuous hugs and laughter from both the students and the deputies.

The involvement with the sheriff's office and Christie Lane, Howard explained, came about by accident. A lady brought him a clay piece made by a student at Christie Lane that was a hat with a badge.

"She told us the students adore deputies," he recalled. "It softens up the crusty old deputy sheriff in me."

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