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Banners Add More Spirit To SMS

Daily Globe Staff Reporter

SHELBY - There are new banner additions hanging throughout the hallways of Shelby Middle School for students to take a peek at as they move from class to class.

Assistant Principal of Shelby Middle School Barb Green explained the idea from the banners came from the staff and administration.

“We knew we wanted to do something to make the building have more of a school spirit and community feel. We wanted it to be more welcoming for both the students and staff,” Green said.

After the decision was made to make the additions, Green explained she spoke with Natalie Lantz of Lantz Star Graphics to compose the banners.

“We then approached Adams, Albert, and Curry Agency Inc. and asked them if they would be willing to sponsor the banners. They are our school partner and I spoke with them and they were completely on board with us to do something positive for the school,” Green said.

Green stated there are a total of nine banners hanging throughout the hallways and then there are three large stairwell banners which were also donated.

Principal of Shelby Middle School Jeff Eichorn explained himself and Green came up with different quotes for the banners.

“We have Attitude Is Everything, Character Be Respectful, Trustworthy Be Honest, Sportsmanship Be A Team Player, Friendship Be Loyal, Responsibility Be Prepared, Gratitude Be Appreciative, Confidence Be Positive, and Work Ethic Be Dedicated,” Eichorn stated.

“We just went through different things that we wanted our kids to be able to exhibit and what teachers would want them to exhibit in the classrooms.”

Green explained contact was made with Lantz for Whippet decals to be placed throughout the school as well.

“We also ordered a Shelby Whippet decal, but those will not be going up just yet because of the humidity in this building. We wanted to wait a month or so before we put those on. We are still in talks with designing something else for the cafeteria to recognize students,” Green said.

The entire process to get the banners in place took about a month, according to Green.

“I contacted Natalie (Lantz) toward the end of July and we were able to get the banners up before the first day of school. It was a quick turnaround and the banners look great. We are so happy with them,” Green stated.

Chet Green of Adams, Albert, and Curry Agency Inc. explained they were excited to be on board with the project.

“It’s a great message for the kids and we were thrilled to be able to be a part of it. We just thought it was a fantastic idea,” Chet stated.

Jeff Albert of Adams, Albert, and Curry Agency Inc. said the agency. also partnered with Ohio Mutual Insurance for the banners.

Green said the students and staff have noticed the banners and are appreciative of what they represent.

“Both (staff and students) have noticed the banners and I think they just feel like they are a part of something. It signifies us as a middle school and it really feels like their building. It makes them proud to be a part of our team.”

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