New London Wildcats Defeat Wellington Dukes 34-8

By Maryonna Cathey
Record Sportswriter

The New London Wildcats defeated the Wellington Dukes last Friday night by a score of 8-34. The team is now 1-2. The next game will be home against St. Paul on Friday, Sept. 15.

Pickens said he is proud of the team and how they came out powerful and strong during the first quarter. Pickens stated, “I am ready for us to continue to get better there are a lot of things we need to improve on.”

Pickens told the boys during halftime “We’re not focusing on the scoreboard, I don’t care what the score is, we have to play against ourselves.”

Team captains Kevin Fridenstine, Dane Matthews, Derek Smith, and Spencer Hall all said they felt “great and fantastic” about the game. Smith said, “It was a heck of a win,” adding, “It was pretty awesome looking up in the stands and seeing all of the fans cheering and encouraging us on.”

“We still have lots of work to do,” said Hall.

The Cats had 20 points the first quarter, six the second, eight the third and zero the fourth. The Dukes only had eight points in the fourth.

For the offense, Matthews and Hall both had two touch downs. Matthews had a total of 52 rushing yards with only 14 carries. Matthews, the quarterback, had a total of five complete passes, and zero interceptions. Hall had two receptions with a total of 15 yards. Parker Ruble had two receptions for a total of 30 yards and Isaac Popa had one reception for 17 yards. Norbert Sword had a total of 80 yards with 19 carries. Hall had a kick return for a total of 56 yards.

For the defense, Marshall had the most tackles on the team with 11 tackles overall. He had two sacks, three solo tackles, and three tackles for loss. Sword had two solo tackles and one sack. Smith and Popa both had three tackles, Smith had three solo and Popa had two solo and one sack.

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