Ladycats Defeat The Mounties

By Payton Shays
Record Sportswriter

The New London girls basketball team defeated the Mapleton Mounties on Monday night to secure third place in the Firelands Conference.

The Ladycats defeated the Mounties by a final score of 47-37 to avenge their eight-point loss to them earlier this season.

This was the final time for Elise Chaffins, Capricia Gant, and Julia Mitchell, New London's three seniors, to play on their home court.

The Ladycats finished with a regular season record of 13-9 which is one more win than they finished with last season.

Chaffins led in scoring on the night with 13 for the Ladycats followed by Morgan Luedy with 11.

The Mounties held a lead over the Cats throughout the first two quarters and entered intermission with a 21-20 advantage.

New London fired back in the third quarter to take three point advantage heading into the final eight minutes of play.

The Mounties were able to out rebound the Wildcats with 25 while the Cats had 23.

The final quarter ended with the Cats taking over and outscoring the Mounties 14-7.

New London travels to Shelby on Wednesday night to take on Gibsonburg who finished with a record of 5-16. The game is scheduled to take place at 8 p.m. in the high school gymnasium.

If the Ladycats take down the Golden Bears on Wednesday they will travel back to Shelby to play against the Huron Tigers at 8 p.m.

Huron was able to defeat New London earlier this season in a tight three-point loss for the Cats.

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