Wildcats Have A Rough Week

By: Gabrielle Ledbetter
New London Sportswriter

On April 9 the Wildcats hosted South Central High School. Coming into this game, the boys were coming off a loss the night before against the Trojans. The Wildcats struggled on Tuesday losing 11-1.  

Peyton Wilson commented, “We dropped both games against South Central. We have been struggling lately. Defensively, we always have one bad inning and it’s either really early and we can’t recover or it’s late in the game to where we can’t stop it. One bad inning kills our spirits. Offensively, we keep battling and putting the ball in play. We’re trying to get better each and everyday, so that’s what we’ll continue to do.”

On April 11 the Wildcats hosted the St. Paul Flyers. The Wildcats trailed the Flyers, but then took the lead. Sadly, the boys had one bad inning that costed the game for them losing 9-5. On a positive note, Kevin Fridenstine hit a homerun.

“Against St. Paul we struggled early in game one, but we didn’t give in. We brought the game back and we had a opportunity to string something together. We just killed ourselves in one bad inning again which is something we are looking to fix. We hit the ball at people again, which did not work.” Wilson stated.

On April 12 the boys traveled to St. Paul. This was a better game all around. The Wildcats defense was great, but the boys just couldn't their bats to come around. The Wildcats lost 2-0.

Wilson added, “Our defense and pitching was very good this game. Chase Keathley came in and shut them down for five innings. We just never got the timely hit we needed. We had a couple opportunities, but we never got the chance. We’re getting there, but I don’t think we are comfortable as a team. We don’t look too comfortable in the box and we aren’t comfortable defensively. We play scared and on our heels too much. That’s one big difference that I see in our team. We need to attack and put pressure on other teams rather than letting them get to us.”

“I think we will have a very good showing against Monroeville. We can’t underestimate them, we need prepared to have a dog fight, game in and game out. We will need to swing the bats and attack. If we get on them early, I think as a team we will settle in and be ready to go.” he commented.

The varsity will host Crestline High School Friday, April 19, game at 5:00 p.m. There will not be a junior varsity game.


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