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Kingswood Gardens A Magical Place

RICHLAND COUNTY - Kingwood Center Gardens is one of Richland County's best kept secrets. This landmark lies tucked away leading into the downtown Mansfield area; however, the gardens come alive and thrive during its peak season.

Kingwood Center Gardens was created in 1926 by Charles Kelley King when he and his wife developed the construction of the mansion and the estate. When King died in 1952, Kingwood came to life through his trust agreement. In the trust agreement, his private estate would be transformed into a garden opened to the public...Read More

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Ohio Replaces PARCC Testing

SHELBY - On Tuesday night, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed legislation banning PARCC as Ohio's Common Core test provider. Wednesday afternoon, state Superintendent Richard Ross announced that AIR, American Institutes of Research, would be the replacement for PARCC.

Paul Walker, Director of Curriculum and Assistant Superintendent for Shelby City Schools commented on the changes. "I kind of thought it was coming," he began...Read More

Everyday Heroes Can Come With Four Paws And A Badge

Everyday heroes is the theme for summer reading at the Willard Memorial Library. Some heroes fight fires. Some heroes fight crime. Some fight crime on four legs.

Deputy John Vogel and K9 Noro were part of the summer reading series about local heroes. Vogel is a deputy with the Huron County Sheriff's Office and K9 Noro is his four-footed crime fighting partner.

K9 Noro, Vogel explained, is a five year old German shepherd who spent his first year of life in Czechoslovakia. He then went to Germany and from there came to America...Read More

It's A Wild Life!

Local wildlife expert Marybeth Taylor, founder and executive director of God's Little Critters was the guest speaker at a recent program held at the New London Public Library.

God's Little Critters is a non-profit rehabilitation and rescue center located near Willard.

Her presentation centered around injured and rescued wildlife.

Taylor began her program by asking how many of the people there have picked up a bird feather. "It is against the law to keep any feather, she said. "Even if I get the feathers out of my own cage I am allowed 20 feathers a year. So I have to record at the end of each year how many feathers I had."...Read More

Grange Organized To Assist Farmers

The Grange, also known as the Patrons of Husbandry, was organized in the United States in 1867 to assist farmers with purchasing machinery, building grain elevators, lobbying for government regulation of railroad shipping fees and providing a support network for farm families.

In 1867, Oliver Kelley, an employee in the Department of Agriculture, founded the Grange. The Grange's purpose was to provide farmers with an organization that could assist them with any difficulties that arose. During the late 1860s and 1870s, farmers faced numerous problems, including swarms of grasshoppers, extravagant railroad fares to ship crops, expensive farming machinery, high interest and mortgage rates, high costs to store grain in silos, and falling prices. Farmers in the Great Plains and the South quickly rallied to the Grange, although this organization also gained members in other parts of the United States...Read More

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