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Civial War Sword Donated To Library

SHELBY - Monday afternoon the Marvin Memorial Library became the proud and excited location for the bequeathment of a Civil War sword and other memorabilia.

A long ago resident of Shelby, Stephen Tipton Marvin was once the owner of those items. Marvin, who was known as “Tip,” joined Company H of the 64th Regiment of the Ohio Volunteer Infantry for a three year term on October 12, 1861. Whilst in the service Tip was captured November 23, 1864 and managed to escape just ten days later. This particular Marvin is a cousin to Daniel Sherwood Marvin who is responsible for donating the current building and property to the city of Shelby to be used for a library forever...Read More

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Ensman: Generator Will Help Save Money

SHELBY- Steps have been made in the city to perform peak shaving generation capacity within the Shelby Utilities Department.

The city of Shelby is the proud new owner of a two megawatt diesel generator.

The unit is a 2010 Ohio CAT Diesel Generator with a rated capacity of 2000 kW. The operating hours upon purchase are 306 hours and the cost of the generator was $620,000. The transformer was listed at $30,000 and the two year warranty was priced at $10,460 for a grand total of $660,460.

Director of Utilities John Ensman stated the primary purpose of bringing the two megawatt diesel generator to the community was to reduce transmission and capacity charges through peak shaving generation...Read More

Greenwich Museum: A Celebration of History

As the Greenwich Area prepares for next year’s Bicentennial celebration, the history of the area comes to life at the Greenwich Museum. It is a trip back in time to the early days of the Village of Greenwich and the surrounding area.

Clark Hunter, a member of the board for the museum, said visitors can come to the library on the second and fourth Sunday of each month from 2 to 4 p.m. The museum is open from April until the last week in November. The museum is also open during the annual Firemen’s Festival.

Every place inside the museum is filled with a plethora of memorabilia. Each and every item recalls the times past that have made Greenwich and the area around the village what it is today...Read More

A Good Day For A Tractor Show

It was a good day for the tractor show, according to F.A.R.M. (Firelands Area Restorers of Machines) President Paul Lortcher.

“We had a fairly good turnout,” he said adding, “it wasn’t quite as good as some years but it wasn’t bad.”

One of this year’s exhibitor’s Robert Searight, had his Kelly Duplex Mill #1 made by the Duplex Manufacturing Company in Springfield, Ohio on display.

Searight said he has had this particular machine for about ten years and takes it to numerous events each year. “I go as far as Lorain County.” He noted he would have attended the show in Ashland but his tractor was in the shop for repair...Read More

Drones Make Their Way Into Farming

CRAWFORD COUNTY - Technology has been on the rise for farmers, from biochemically engineered seed to GPS driven tractors. Science is helping farmers to succeed in generating a hearty, plentiful harvest. But the technology doesn’t stop there. Recent developments in unmanned aircraft systems, or drones as many people know them, are making an impact on farmers and their fields.

Veteran drone operator Tom Cooke divulged a wealth of knowledge on the subject during a presentation Wednesday morning at Cranberry Hills Golf Course. The information he shared was to help other farmers on their quest for drone application in the fields.

The drone technology has become quite advanced within the last number of years, according to Cooke. His most recent purchase, made just last year has already been replaced with a newer model. Regardless of the quick advances, Cooke has used his drone to assist his cousin in the field...Read More

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