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Author Puts Positive Light On Trials Of War In Newly Released Book

SHELBY - The wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and all over the Middle East have affected millions of lives. For many, war is a devastating time but for some, there are certain experiences overseas that bring a sense of enlightenment in an otherwise dark place.

For Shelby native, Michael Tarvin, the ability to trust in God and journal his experiences led to a more positive reflection on his time in the war, as well as the successful completion of his book Light In The Midst Of Darkness (Devotions From Combat).

Tarvin grew up in Shelby playing with kids in his neighborhood, delivering the local newspaper and running track for the high school team. It was here that Tarvin says he learned what it meant to be a hard worker and a loyal, kind person...Read More

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Building Updates Discussed

SHELBY - Building updates were a main topic of discussion during Monday afternoon’s Public Works and General Operations Committee meeting.

Project Coordinator Joe Gies explained to the committee the appraisal for the car wash property on Mansfield Avenue had not been received to date.

“I have not gotten the appraisal back yet and it is getting a little frustrating,” Gies said. “This is in reference to both Mohican Street and the car wash property. I tried to call them right before the meeting and I have not gotten an answer yet, but I will keep at it.”...Read More

New Willard Fire and Rescue Squad Features Power Lift Cot

Willard Fire and Rescue has a new ambulance that has some of the most up-to-date equipment to help both a victim and an EMT.

Capt. Max Helton brought the new squad to a recent meeting of Willard City Council. The squad was purchased with a grant from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. The City of Willard paid just 25-percent of the cost.

The new squad has a Stryker power cot with lift assist. The lift can hold up to 700 pounds, Helton noted. It is raised and lowered automatically, making it easier for EMT’s...Read More

NL Schools Seeing Increase In Preschool, Kindergarten Enrollment

New London schools are seeing an increase in both preschool and kindergarten enrollment, district superintendent Brad Romano told board of education members during Monday night’s meeting.

“Our preschool numbers are exploding,” he told the board. “Right now we have 56 preschoolers enrolled in three classes. Last year we had 46 and our numbers are already up ten.” He reminded the board, “We said that if we expanded our program more kids will come. That came true. This year we are looking at 18-19 in each of those three classes and we are still enrolling kids and we haven’t started school yet.” He added, “I anticipate coming to the board in September to have that conversation about making that part-time preschool teacher we hired last fall a full-time position.” He told the board, “Best practice for preschool is 13 to 15 students per class. Just with the additional ten this year that puts us at 18 or 19 per class and if we have more that will put us back with last year’s 23 per class.”...Read More

Flying Horse Farms - Where Camp Is Good Medicine

If you ever want to see God’s work first hand, make a visit to the Flying Horse Farms near Mt. Gilead.  

Flying Horse Farms provides magical, transformative camp experiences for children with serious illnesses and their families-free of charge.  This camp began in 2010 and hosts about 850 children and families each year.  They are funded by gifts from individuals, corporate partners and foundations.

According to the Flying Horse Farm’s magazine, the network was founded in 1988 by actor, philanthropist and Ohio native Paul Newman. The Network is a community of independently managed and financed camps and programs creating opportunities for children with serious illnesses and their families.  The Network has evolved from one camp to a global community serving 600,000 children and families across five continents...Read More

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