Meetings In Jackson To Stay The Same

Daily Globe Staff Reporter

JACKSON TWP - The time and day of the meetings were established to remain the same during Monday night’s regular Jackson Township meeting.

Trustee Mark Wright explained discussion had previously taken place during the regular meeting on January 18 about changing the day meetings are held.

“With much opposition from the public, the meetings are going to stay on Monday nights,” Wright stated.

Township resident Brett Heffner addressed the decision to keep the meetings on Monday nights.

“I was absent from the last meeting because I was at the Madison Township meeting which is also on that day. I spoke with the Shelby Fire Chief and he said he would attend occasionally on Mondays but he has a conflict with the Shelby City Council which is on Mondays,” Heffner said. “One of the trustees from Madison Township would like to attend. I wanted to shift the meetings from the first and third Monday because we have city council and school board meetings. Maybe we could move it to the second and fourth Monday.”

“The person who objected to the meetings being on a Tuesday hasn’t been here a lot on Monday meetings either,” Heffner added.

Wright explained to Heffner there was more than one resident who objected to the meeting change.

“I would just like to propose maybe the second and fourth Monday. The school board covers several townships and so does the city council. City council’s meetings are through the charter and it is a very complicated process to change their meetings. Our process is relatively easy. I really don’t understand what the hardship would be to go to the second and fourth Monday,” Heffner said.

After hearing Heffner’s comments, Wright explained the meetings would remain on the first and third Monday of the month.

“Possibly down the road we could discuss something, but as of right now it is going to stay the same,” Wright said.

Heffner explained the topic was first addressed at the first meeting of the year.

“We had the discussion of changing meetings to Tuesdays and we had the discussion last meeting,” Wright said.

“I have never mentioned Tuesdays. I said an alternate day to when we have city council and board of education meetings,” Heffner replied.

“Well, like I said the public spoke during the last meeting on the issue. More than 90 percent are opposed to changing the dates of it and it has been like this for over 30 years. As a trustee right now, I am going to keep it the same,” Wright stated.

Heffner thanked the trustees for their consideration of changing the meetings.

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