Black Fork Commons Upgrades Debated

Daily Globe Staff Reporter

SHELBY- Future plans for the amphitheater and restrooms at the Black Fork Commons were a main topic of discussion during the regular Park Board meeting on Monday night.

President of the board Ralph Rosinsky presented some new findings from the amphitheater and the restrooms for the project. Rosinsky explained the estimates for the project had been revised and wanted to discuss the new findings with fellow board members.

“So, as you can see the restrooms has become an expense of more than what were prepared to do and more than we were advised. The grant that we have is good until the end of next year, so we have time on that. My concern is with Richland (Foundation). We can’t do both of these at the same time, we just don’t have the money. We have to front the money for the restrooms and then we will get reimbursed from the state,” Rosinsky said. “The money for the amphitheater has been handed to us, so we just don’t have the money to swing both of those right now.”

Rosinsky explained the discussion would be based upon proceeding with the amphitheater and construct the restrooms at a later date, or proceed with the restrooms and construct the amphitheater later on.

“My concern is with Richland because we would have to approach them and talk about what is going on because we have had this money for about six to eight months,” Rosinsky stated.

Director of Finance Dr. Steve Lifer explained the money from Richland Foundation came in at the beginning of the year. The amount received from Richland Foundation was about $117,000.

“In 2016, we collected $13,000 and then we got $35,000 from a natural resource grant from the state. You put those two together it puts us right around almost $49,000 there, plus the $117,000 which takes us up right around $166,000,” Lifer said.

Rosinsky explained both projects couldn’t be put out for bid because there wouldn’t be enough money to pay for both.

“So the issue is do we put up the amphitheater and continue to lease porta pots and then try to collect money for the restrooms?” Board Member Dave Keinath asked.

“I think if we have to go out and get some more money, it is easier for people to look at the amphitheater and think we need some nice restrooms, rather than looking at restrooms. I think we would get more support showing some things going on there and then they can think we need some nice restrooms,” Board Member Ed Ingle stated.

Rosinsky explained he agreed with the idea that the amphitheater would be much more appealing.

“My concern is the timeline because if we lose that $75,000 grant we will never get it back. So, that means we have to not only spring into action in early spring but our completion date has to be September or October,” Rosinsky said.

Board Member Dave Downs explained there were sources of grants within Shelby that the board had not approached yet.

After discussions, board members decided to provide an update to Richland Foundation on future progressions with the project.

Board members made a motion to proceed with the bid on the amphitheater. Board members passed the motion.

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