Sharon Township Looking For New Zoning Board Of Appeals Member

Special to the Daily Globe

SHARON TOWNSHIP - The topics of bills, backhoe repair, floodplain concerns, and the reading of a notice for a new member of the Zoning Board of Appeals were discussed in the regular meeting of Sharon Township on Tuesday night.

Sharon Township began their meeting Tuesday night with a reading of a notice:

Board members are in search of any township resident who would be willing to serve on the Zoning Board of Appeals. Vacancy was created when Richard Hollenbaugh resigned on or about October 17, 2016. Any interested person should contact one of the Trustees and let them know of their interest. The newly appointed Zoning Board of Appeals member would begin their term immediately and serve until the end of 2018.

A total of $1,483.21 in bills were paid. Fiscal Officer Ursula Esterline read off receipts of $27.75 for workers compensation, manufacturer roll back from county auditor of $6.62, and township gasoline of $4,853.70 for a total of $4,918.07."

It was noted the backhoe is still being worked on. “They didn’t have anyone working on it yesterday when I stopped over and I think they are getting tired of me calling about it," said Chairman Dale Schroeder. “They told me they would call me when they got it fixed."

Jim Metzger, resident, voiced a concern about the talk about damming the floodplains. “If they clean the creek the water moves away you don’t need to set up dams," said Metzger. “I took some pictures the other day of our property where the creek is cleaned up and to show that the water does move when it is cleaned. I also took pictures down where the creek is not cleaned to show that it does not move when it is not cleaned."

“There are three different scenarios that they are going to do. One is to clean the creek. The other two are putting in bridges and damming," said Schroeder. “As far as I know they haven’t contacted the landowners yet though. We will have a chance to voice our opinions when they have the meetings."

“When they have the meeting again somewhere, hopefully we can have more people go and get involved," said Trustee Ambrose Metzger.

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