Park Plans Presented To Council

Daily Globe Staff Reporter

SHELBY- Park Board Members Ralph Rosinsky and Dave Keinath paid a visit to city council to present updated information with the Black Fork Commons Project at the regular meeting on Monday night.

Keinath and Rosinsky went over the detailed plans of the project with council members and offered to provide handouts which would lay out the timeline and cost.

“With the construction of the amphitheater and how the park is starting to take form, you can see it is not an eyesore. This is going to be a draw to the City of Shelby,” Rosinsky stated.

Keinath explained this was the first time Park Board members had presented the information to council and stated if any council members had any questions they could answer them.

Councilman Derrin Roberts explained he didn’t have a question but wanted to add his thoughts on how the project was developing.

“Watching the amphitheater go up, I am excited. That is not what I expected to see, but I am excited to see it,” Roberts said.

Keinath added once the amphitheater is completed, the Park Board was hoping to have the Shelby Whippet Band perform at the ribbon cutting ceremony.

“We are hoping to get the kids and families down to appreciate what we have,” Keinath said.

Finance Director Dr. Steve Lifer explained Project Coordinator of the city Joe Gies’ help throughout the project had been extremely helpful and important.

“With the help of Mr. Gies to go through the paperwork and all the things that go through a construction project, his help has been immensely important and much appreciated,” Lifer said.

Lifer added the park board members were dedicated to their service.

“They are five very dedicated park board members. They want to do what is best for the park and to the city. We are very lucky and very happy to have such dedicated members,” Lifer said.

Rosinsky added how appreciative the park board members were to have both Gies and Lifer assist them with any issues.

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