Facilities Update Shared With School Board

Daily Globe Staff Reporter

SHELBY - Shelby Schools Facilities Director Scott Harvey provided his yearly facility update of all of the district's buildings during the regular board of education meeting on Monday night.

Harvey began his extensive report by explaining to board members exactly what all has been worked on throughout the different facilities of the district.

"I go through and show pictures of some of the bigger jobs that we have done throughout the year," Harvey said. "We want to show the board and the community some things that have been done to the facilities that maybe they are not aware of."

Harvey presented work which was accomplished during the 2013-2014 school year.

"The way that works best for me is to go by school year. So, I start at the end of summer last year through the last day of school. This works out best because our projects are year based anymore. Now, we are just doing things throughout the entire year," Harvey said.

Harvey displayed some pictures of his crew hanging up different details throughout the new high school one year ago.

"It is hard to believe it has only been a little over a year since then," Harvey shared.

Moving forward, Harvey explained a final permit was not received to enter the auxiliary gym of the high school until the end of October 2013.

"It was nice for me to see for our last (football) game last year, we could have the football (team) in the auxiliary gym doing stretches," he said. "This has been a huge asset for the kids and it is just used constantly. It is so nice to have that facility and it gives you opportunity like that if you have lightning on a football practice day, they can run practice in here."

"There is a batting cage hanging and we have baseball and softball that use that," Harvey continued. "Volleyball also uses it and tennis is in there every Friday. You can do things year round in there and it is a great facility for that."

Harvey explained the previous 'Mad Dog' weight room was converted into the middle school wrestling room.

"We took all of the pads and installed them at the weight room so now everything is all padded and it gives them a nice place to practice," Harvey said.

Harvey shared there was a major plumbing issue at Dowds Elementary.

"The issue was where the floor drains were corroded so far through we actually were snaking into the dirt. It was gone, there was no more floor drain," he said. "So, we had to convert and run new lines around the whole perimeter of the kitchen."

Harvey revealed there were some issues with keeping the boilers running at the high school.

"We had issues where we couldn't keep the boilers running due to the wind blowing them out and coming down the stacks. We changed every direction, every angle, and everything we could find to make those work. Then, they ended up building boxes into the brand new boilers which kept them running. These boxes allowed us to keep them running," Harvey stated.

At Auburn Elementary, Harvey explained the tile in the music room was abated and cleaned up.

"This space is used continuously at Auburn and we also did some abatement at Central in the hallway at the same time because we had a broken water line and that cold weather flooded Central and we had about two inches of water. It just popped all of those tiles, so we had those removed," Harvey said.

In addition, the entire music room was painted at Auburn. However, Harvey explained once the paint was completely finished at Auburn, a water line completely busted and flooded the room.

"We had a least a foot of water in our brand new room that we had just completed. It was such a shame because we had just finished it. The line just separated and pushed out. We did get that repaired," Harvey shared.

Harvey explained there is a lot of space between the windows and the brick which ultimately creates a lot of air circulating throughout the older buildings.

One major issue Harvey brought before the board was the aisle repairs at Skiles Field.

"We struggle with this every year because what is happening everything is just falling right through and it is a pretty sizable gap of six to eight inches where someone could really get hurt. We go through and check them before every game and we do a lot of repairs," Harvey said.

Harvey explained Skiles Field is a big concern.

"I have contracted with Adena and GeoTech to do core borings, just like you would do on a bridge. They are going to give us an updated report because when you look at some of the structure, we want to make sure that we are 100 percent safe," he said. "Every year I have an engineer come in and look at it before we use it. This year after the season, we decided we needed to take a good look and see how we are."

Harvey addressed the board and explained the buildings throughout the district need to be closely monitored, due to the ages of each building. Harvey provided budget numbers on building renovations.

"We know that we need to start updating our other buildings. Auburn was built in 1948 and Dowds in 1954. We need to start upgrading these buildings," he said. "We have not done any renovations to these buildings other than small things like restrooms. We are going to have to start to figure out how we are going to accomplish these things."

One issue Harvey addressed was air conditioning in the buildings.

"We are having to start to add air conditioners to class rooms. We have some students who have health issues. Lets face it, in this day and age there are not very many places where you go and sit and work all day where this isn't any air. It is getting harder and harder. It is time to get these buildings upgraded and set up the way they should be," Harvey stated.

Harvey explained air conditioners could not just be added from room to room because there is not enough electric capacity to run them.

"I've tried to give you (board members) some numbers to look at and get an idea of what we need to do. You've seen the windows and you know snow blows in Auburn and the middle school. We caulk and do what we can, but we are just patching. It is hard to control with the elements," Harvey said.

The grand total cost of building renovations Harvey estimated came out to be around $14,867,732.32.

"Those are renovations that need done," Harvey said.

Harvey also provided other options for the board to consider regarding cost options. Harvey also mentioned the cost for Skiles is about $89,600 for aisle repair/sealing/end cap rubbing. Harvey advised this estimate did not include structural repairs.

"Right now we know we have a minimum $90,000 project to get those aisles finished and to fix the end caps that are falling off. We need to make sure we are structurally sound. I just wanted to bring all of this to your attention because we do need to start thinking about everything and how we can do this," Harvey stated.

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