New Deputy Director Of Finance Named

Daily Globe Staff Reporter

SHELBY- Mayor Steven Schag discussed confirming the appointment of Amber Cutlip as the city’s Deputy Director of Finance during Monday night’s regular city council meeting.

Schag explained the reasoning behind the appointment of Cutlip for the position was due to the fact of current Deputy Director of Finance Brandon Grant had submitted his two week resignation.

“Mr. Grant had submitted his two week notice on June 9 and he is going to pursue a career in law enforcement as a police officer in the city of Galion. He will begin over there on June 26 and we wish him all the best in that new adventure in his life,” Schag stated.

Since Schag had learned of Grant’s resignation, Schag explained he and Finance Director Steve Lifer worked diligently to fill the position.

“Dr. Lifer suggested we refer to our interview list of some 15 months ago and on that list was Amber Cutlip,” Schag said. “We reached out to her and brought her in for a brief interview and conversation. She informed us that she was still very interested in the position and we feel very confident that she is well qualified and capable performing the task of deputy director of finance.”

Schag explained when that position is vacant, the work load will pile up quickly for the finance director.

“We felt it was necessary to move quickly on this and we wanted to present this name as consideration for the evening for your vote of confirmation. The effective starting date would be July 5, 2017,” Schag stated.

Council member Garland Gates added his thoughts to the appointment of Cutlip.

“Ms. Cutlip is my next door neighbor and I can say this about her. They are wonderful people and friendly. They take wonderful care of their property and they are parents. They also foster dogs and they do it so well we rarely ever hear a dog bark,” Gates said.

Lifer stated Cutlip never mentioned she was the kind of neighbor Gates had described.

“She mentioned she was his neighbor and she stopped there. She didn’t use that as any leverage to gain favor in the committee’s eyes. Her interview was wonderful as Mr. Grant’s was. We leaned toward Mr. Grant because he had extra responsibility with the bank. So, I think Amber will do a wonderful job,” Lifer stated.

After discussions were had, the motion to approve Cutlip as deputy director of finance passed through council members.

Schag also reported he had been a part of many committee meetings since the last council meeting. Schag stated he attended a ribbon cutting ceremony for Affordable Camper and RV Services at 150 South Martin Drive.

Regarding the police department, Schag explained the department was in the process of hiring a new officer.

“We are in the final stages of that selection process. Chief (Lance) Combs and his interview team have done a fine job of narrowing down a larger field of potential candidates to just one at this point.”

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