Sharon Settles Financial Matters

Daily Globe Staff Reporter

SHELBY - Sharon Township Trustees met for a regular meeting on Monday, July 21st to follow up on previous matters.

Fiscal Officer Ursula Esterline reported payments totaling $2860.38 and receipts of $18.75. Esterline advised the trustees that Citizens Bank had notified the trustees of the closing of the main branch on August 8th and advised them to remove all items from their lockbox in that location. Esterline and Vice Chair Ed Schumacher decided to meet at the bank during the week to remove the contents and make a decision where to move the contents, to another branch location or to the township's safe.

Citizens Bank also sent a five-year depository agreement for trustees to sign. Schumacher made a motion to keep banking with Citizens, seconded by Trustee Ambrose Metzger. The motion passed unanimously.

Esterline requested transfers in line item funds in order to pay for the dump truck, which is currently at Henderson's in Galion awaiting final touches. Esterline informed the trustees that Dave Hibner would be taking one payment and splitting it between Kinstle Sterling and Hendersons. "Before I can issue a check to him (Hibner), we need to do some supplemental appropriations. I will need a motion and a second to create some line items in the motor vehicle license fund specific for vehicles and I want to do $7,000 from the machinery line item to the vehicle line item. I want to move $12,000 in the gas fund from the machinery line item over to the motor vehicle line item. We need to move $10,000 in road and bridge from the machinery line item to the motor vehicle line item, and $30,000 in the permissive sales tax fund from the machinery line item to the motor vehicle line item, for a total of $90,000; we need $89,160," Esterline informed. Metzger motioned, seconded by Schumacher. The motion was passed unanimously.

After reviewing the contract from Small Asphalt, Chairman Dale Schroeder advised the trustees all the pages of paperwork were due to the bonding company. The trustees all agreed to proceed with the contract.

Schumacher advised Road Superintendent Corey Keller that patchwork would need to be done this week, prior to tar and chipping. "We'd like to get it done as soon as possible so it has time to cure before they roll in," he advised Keller.

A short discussion was held about the ins and outs of providing reimbursement for a data package for Keller's personal cell phone. Trustees decided they needed to work on a specific cell phone policy prior to issuing a stipend for Keller.

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