Ply-Shi Looks To Google For Education Options

Special to the Daily Globe

PLYMOUTH - A Google take over may happen in the near future of the Plymouth-Shiloh schools as Superintendent Dr. James Metcalf talked about the possibility of integrating more Google based activities into the schools at the Plymouth-Shiloh School Board of Education meeting on Monday night.

“We are looking to move toward a one-to-one type of option for all the students in the school district. With that we are thinking about moving toward Google for education,” said Metcalf

“The high school uses Google, the middle school uses Google and is being trained further in it and we will be doing the same in the elementary school,” said Metcalf. “Google for the most part is free and you can do a lot of things with it. It will enhance a lot of the things that we do with the kids. In the high school we have teachers who are turning in their assignments, they are communicating, they are doing all kinds of things through this medium. I know there are teachers in the middle school who do the same thing. They have all their lessons out on Google.”

“It makes it pretty easy for them to have constant communication with the parents, the teachers, and their principal when they share those documents throughout. And so we have talked about looking to moving this direction,” he added.

The School Board also approved the Superintendent’s recommendations for various actions for the 2016-2017 school year. These include the summer tutor’s hours, a resignation, a list of substitutes, employment of mentors, supplemental, and student travel for the FFA.

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