Council Tackles Gun Free Zone Issue


Daily Globe Staff Reporter

SHELBY- Legislation matters were discussed concerning an ordinance regarding the posting of signs for ‘gun free zones’ and electricity rates during the regular city council meeting held on Monday night.

Councilman Steve McLaughlin took the floor explaining why he had brought forth the ordinance to fellow council members.

“Approximately three percent or more of Ohio residents are licensed by the state for concealed carry. This legislation refers to two proposed ordinances to come which will effectively permit the administration to take the ‘Gun Free Zone’ signs off most of the city buildings, minus the police, court, jail also known as the Justice Center which we are in at this time,” McLaughlin said.

McLaughlin added some of his reasons for proposing the legislation.

“As members of this governing body we have a responsibility to protect those that we represent. We owe it these individuals to protect them with the ability to self defend if a situation should arise. The second amendment to the constitution gives citizens the right to self defense, the state of Ohio has given us this ability through Senate Bill 199 signed by Governor Kasich, and gun free zones are dangerous,” McLaughlin said. “Greater than 98 percent of mass murder takes place in a gun free zone. The law abiding citizen is defenseless in a gun free zone, so again we need to give our constituents the ability to defend themselves.”

Councilman Garland Gates added his thoughts to the proposed ordinance.

“Mayor, in reading through the ordinance and doing the research I found that the ordinance, through no fault of the sponsor, is based on the flawed foundation. The first paragraph makes reference to Senate Bill 199 passed by 131st General Assembly, I found out today that law is no longer in effect,” Gates stated.

Councilman Nathan Martin suggested council members go through the first reading of the ordinance and look closer at it during the second reading.

After discussion, the first reading of the ordinance passed, with Gates voting no.

In other legislation, council was presented the third and final reading of Amended Ordinance No. 10-2018 which stated to amend section 1050.02 (rates and charges for service) of chapter 1050 (electricity) of the codified ordinances of the city of Shelby.

Gates commented on the ordinance and the work of the late Councilman Harold Shasky performed regarding the piece of legislation.

“I have every confidence that our dear friend and late colleague Harold Shasky is looking down upon us and smiling for this long overdue rate reduction,” Gates stated.

After discussion, the ordinance passed through council members.

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