Zoning Issues Pop Up In Jackson

JACKSON TWP - Jackson Township Trustees listened to public input and heard special reports during Monday night's regular meeting.

Zoning Inspector Ron Carpenter presented his report which included issuing a zoning permit for an accessory building at 3570 St. Rt. 39. Carpenter also spoke with the owner of Shelby Golf Carts at 3212 St. Rt. 39 in regards to home occupation rules. Carpenter stated the owner explained he understood and said he would try to have the area cleaned up.

Carpenter also reported he went to Stiving Road Church with a complaint of a wall being built; however, Carpenter explained he did not notice a wall, but he did notice a handicap ramp which looked relatively new.

Vice Chairman of the Trustees Gaylord Rice Jr., commended Carpenter on attending meetings and his effort with becoming a good zoning inspector.

Road Superintendent Kurt Stumbo reported he worked on a catch basin on Holtz Road and worked on new sign replacements. Stumbo stated he fixed two broken tiles on Taylortown and also put a berm box on Westernstar for berming.

Stumbo explained he helped Sharon Township and also started mowing township roads. Stumbo addressed trustees and explained his road report is a summary of the work he has completed. Stumbo said his time sheet has details as to what he does and how many hours he works with both Jackson Township and Sharon Township.

Trustee Greg Vogt moved to approve both sets of reports and the trustees unanimously approved both.

During public comment, resident Bob Daw questioned the roads. Resident Mark Eshelman said Chairman of the trustees Paul Carriere made a statement that he isn't going to do anything with the roads until the Rover Pipeline makes its way through. Eshelman explained the project will only cross two township roads.

Meeting attendee Brett Heffner spoke on how meetings are run, how people speak out of turn, and he also spoke on the Rover Pipeline project.

Resident Dave Yetzer commented on the traffic sign placement and replacement. Township resident Kevin Heinberger questioned if his neighbors were happy that he has followed the regulated hours.

Resident Josh Parsons complained about dumping on his property and he explained people can contact him with any issues.

In old business, Rice stated Carriere has been working with Stumbo on the insurance issues.

Vogt reported on guardrails and explained he had received two quotes. Vogt suggested waiting to see how much money would be put into the roads before moving forward with the guardrails. Vogt explained the lowest quote was for $21,000. Rice agreed with Vogt with regards to the roads being the main priority.

There was no new information available with railroad crossings and quotes were being obtained for traffic sign replacements and placements.

With road maintenance and repair, Vogt explained the county will put together a package for the advertisement regarding road work to make sure it is legal. Vogt shared he received a quote from MidState Blacktop for work on Stiving Road to fill in holes. Heinberger expressed his concerns and Vogt explained the proper application with an estimate of $24,800. Vogt moved to accept the bid from MidState Blacktop on repairing Stiving Road with the quote of $24,800. The trustees unanimously approved. - MMM

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