Tiro Council Hires A New Fiscal Officer

Daily Globe Staff Reporter

TIRO - The village of Tiro council members hired a new fiscal officer and made progress with legislation matters during Wednesday night's regular meeting.

Mayor Ron Brown called the meeting to order where the minutes from the September 24 meeting were presented. The motion to accept the minutes was passed unanimously. Moving forward, council accepted and passed a motion unanimously to pay the bills for the month of October.

During the September 24 regular meeting, former fiscal officer, Lisa Marcum, informed council members she was resigning from the position effective immediately. During the regular meeting of Wednesday night, President of the council Richard Shatzer made a motion to hire Cathy Nighswander as the new fiscal officer for Tiro. Council member Dave Fraley seconded the motion and the motion was passed unanimously. Nighswander started her new position effective immediately.

In old business, the matter of the tax on the Time Warner bill was finally resolved.

"We actually just found out that we are paying it," Brown informed.

Regarding the bridge on Water Street, Brown stated the bridge had been blocked off because there was a hole in the bridge. Brown asked John Berger, solicitor, if there were any legal precautions which needed to be taken regarding the bridge.

"Just block it off if the engineer says it is unsafe. I would talk to the engineer's office," Berger responded.

Brown informed council members refund checks regarding the water fund have been made out and will be passed out in a short amount of time. Brown also stated to council members bids for snow plowing would be advertised and all bids would have to be in by the next regular meeting of November 18.

Council members also made a motion to change the time of regular council meetings from 8 p.m. to 7 p.m. The motion passed unanimously.

The state auditor's office informed council members an appropriation adjustment needed to be made to amend ordinance 10-2013 as a supplement to the 2014 annual appropriations, which was declared an emergency. Council members passed the motion unanimously.

Crawford County Sheriff Scott Kent spoke with council members about a reoccurring issue the village has had with abandoned or junk vehicles.

"I had a complaint about some vehicles that are maybe considered junk motor vehicles in the village that aren't being covered up," Kent stated.

Kent continued by explaining he performed some research on certain laws regarding junk or abandoned vehicles and explained the issue would be monitored by the sheriff's office.

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