New Lamplighter Lande Entrance Debated

Daily Globe Staff Reporter

SHELBY- Concerns with Mansfield Avenue onto Lamplighter Lane were addressed during Monday night’s regular city council meeting.

During the meeting, Resolution No. 32-2017 was presented before council and it stated to request DDM LLC, an Ohio limited liability company, construct an entrance from its property at 219 Mansfield Avenue onto Lamplighter Lane.

Council member Garland Gates explained this issue had been discussed during the Traffic Commission meeting.

“View in your mind’s eye, Lamplighter Lane coming out onto Mansfield Avenue and reports of people turning left onto Mansfield Avenue, driving left of center on the berm and then dashing into the entrance into the Discount Drug Mart Plaza. I have had that happen to me by coming into town, it is not frequent but when it happens it looks a little scary,” Gates stated. “There is a simple solution as we looked at maps from the county auditor’s website. There is sufficient room from the back corner of this property that an entrance could be constructed onto Lamplighter Lane. So, that is the purpose of this resolution.”

Council member Charlie Roub asked if there were signs at Lamplighter Lane prohibiting left turns onto Mansfield Avenue.

Mayor Steven Schag explained there were signs posted stating left turns were prohibited, however, the signs were being disregarded by drivers.

“So, wouldn’t this be an enforcement issue,” Roub asked.

“I think there is an element of it, but the simple solution is to put an entrance/exit there on the northeast part of that parking lot. I would think the owners would want that there to bring more business in from the NCSC parking lot and so forth,” Schag replied.

Council member Nathan Martin asked if DDM LLC had requested the change.

“This is what the Traffic Commission discussed at its last meeting. It was a resolution to the owner asking a construction to the entrance,” Gates replied.

“I feel a little uncomfortable with a resolution asking a private company to do something that we aren’t willing to do ourselves. Why don’t we just build the entrance ourselves? If it is such a public safety problem, then we should take it upon ourselves to do what we can do. I don’t feel comfortable requesting that other people solve our issues for us,” Martin stated.

“I really don’t think we should get involved in that project. If the owner of the property wants to do that they certainly can. I see another issue that maybe was overlooked. If you put an entrance there, you have just created another entrance to Mansfield Avenue so to speak. You can’t turn left off of Lamplighter, but there is no restriction to turn left out of that parking lot on either end. So, what I can see is people bypassing that left turn issue on Lamplighter and using that parking lot as a city street as a cut through to accomplish that,” Roub added.

Schag explained he believed the purpose of the resolution was to prevent those from turning left onto Mansfield Avenue to get into the Drug Mart Plaza.

Director of Utilities John Ensman stated this has been an ongoing issue with Lamplighter Lane.

“This was brought to our attention several years ago. I had made contact to request to see about installing a right of way through there. Those conversations were back and forth and then the conversations stalled. Safety wise, I think this is a great idea and I think it would be a popular idea,” Ensman said.

After discussion, the resolution passed through council members, while both Martin and Roub voted no.

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