Smoking Area Signs Requested For Project

Daily Globe Staff Reporter

SHELBY- Pioneer Career and Technology Center senior students Megan Owen and Jensen Kurtzman made a presentation regarding designated smoking area signs during Wednesday afternoon’s regular Safety Committee meeting.

Owen explained she was a senior in the medical technology lab and Kurtzman said she was a senior in the exercise science lab at Pioneer.

“For our project, we are competing in a competition that can be done individually or in a group to get us out of our box so that we can present to other people. It gets us ready for the medical field,” Owen stated.

For their project, Owen explained they decided to focus on Cystic Fibrosis. Owen said the reason the topic was chosen was because she has Cystic Fibrosis (CF).

“I was diagnosed when I was 15 months old, so I know what it is like to live on a daily basis with CF. It is not something everyone knows about, so our project is on community awareness. We just wanted to talk to you guys and tell you a little bit about our project,” Owen said.

Owen explained CF effects the digestive system and the lungs.

“It is a build up of mucus, so it is harder for us to breathe and then we get sick easier because our digestive system isn’t as strong so it takes a longer time to get better,” Owen said. “Our mission is to bring awareness to the community. We have organized projects.”

Owen stated they spoke with Auburn Elementary students and did hands on projects.

“We did a ‘Purple Out’ at a Shelby football game and also at an Ontario soccer game. We have just been going throughout the community,” Owen said.

As far as what Owen was requesting, she explained they were asking the committee to consider having designated smoking area signs placed in public areas.

“Smoking effects CF and it also effects other diseases as well,” Owen added.

Kurtzman explained the signs could be placed in the parks throughout the community.

“We were wondering if the city would be willing to donate the signs and then we would have them put up. That was what we wanted to discuss today,” Owen stated.

Committee members Garland Gates and Derrin Roberts explained they could work with Park Board members to develop a plan.

“It is something we can take into consideration and talk about with the Park Board,” Roberts said.

Gates added Owen and Kurtzman could also approach Marvin Memorial Library regarding the signs.

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