CORE Cares: Local Church Rallies To Help Those In Need


Daily Globe Staff Reporter

SHELBY- CORE Community Church is working together to not only give back to the community, but to go further into the world as well.

CORE Community Church Lead Pastor Ben Carver explained the desire for the church is to become a church that is about so much more than just the things and people inside the walls of CORE Community Church.

“Obviously, our first love is our city. We care about Shelby. We love Shelby. We want our city to see and feel that we care about it more than we care about ourselves,” Carver said. “It's the reason we've turned our dreams for things like ‘Community Impact Day’ (project-based work day in Shelby) and the ‘Whippet Weekender Packs’ (weekend food program for kids in our schools) into a reality right here in Shelby. We're constantly dreaming about ways we can reach further into our city. But we also recognized that there was this ‘beyond factor.’”

Through the ‘beyond factor’, Carver explained the dream was to reach further into the world, which led to the partnership with the organization Rise Against Hunger.

“It was an opportunity for us to do something on a local level that could have a major impact on people all over the world,” Carver stated. “Our hearts break for the hurting and broken in our world. We've experienced it firsthand. We partner with a Care Point in Guatemala that cares for 150 kids from one of the poorest neighborhoods in Guatemala City.”

Carver explained children come to the Care Point to receive education, health care, clothing, and nutrition.

“The only two meals they get a day come from the Care Point. Without the Care Point, there is a good chance these kids wouldn't eat every day,” Carver said. “Our church directly sponsors 50 of those kids every month, and we've had the chance to visit this Care Point on multiple occasions. So, we've seen what hunger really looks like in third world countries.”

Carver explained some of the statistics include over 835 million individuals dealing with hunger issues every single day.

“When you think about 835 million people, 25,000 meals doesn't seem like it's even making a dent, but we wanted to do as much as we could,” Carver said. “We wanted to do for those 25,000 families what we wish we could do for everyone struggling with hunger. With that dream, we started planning with Rise Against Hunger in July 2017 for this event.”

From there, over 160 volunteers participated in Global Impact Day on Sunday, April 15.

“Many of them are a part of CORE, but some of them were simply from our community. We enjoy the opportunity to link arms with people from our community who are passionate about doing something for others and making an impact on our world,” Carver said.

Carver explained the event wasn’t about being a ‘CORE’ thing, but wanting to change the world in a tangible way.

“In one day, we were able to package 25,056 meals,” Carver added.

As far as where the meals were sent, Carver explained they didn’t actually know, however, each meal which was sent out was marked with ‘CORE Community Church’.

“Within six to eight weeks, we will start receiving emails notifying us of exactly where each box of our meals has been sent in the world,” Carver said.

Looking ahead to doing the event again, Carver explained it was something the church wanted to do.

“We want Global Impact Day to be an annual event for us. We wholeheartedly believe that God wants to use us to do bigger things in our city and our world - that we haven't even scratched the surface of what He can do,” Carver said. Our desire is to keep linking arms with people in our community, even those that don't come to CORE, to make a difference in our city and in our world. While 25,056 meals was a big financial undertaking for us, we would love to see this grow to 35,000-40,000 meals next year. While we understand that requires more people and more dollars, we also know that with God anything is possible.”

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