Reduction In Kilowatt Per Hour Charge

Daily Globe News Editor

SHELBY - Members of Shelby City Council reconvened their May 16 meeting this morning and passed a resolution as an emergency measure that will reduce the kilowatt per hour charge on utility bills.

“The resolution that is in front of you this morning would allow for a reduction in the fuel purchase power charge,” said Deputy Director of Public Service John Ensman. “Normal adjustments are made in March, June, September and December.”

He noted the adjustment made in March of this year was also a reduction in the fuel purchase power charge.

“Upon a finding of a discrepancy in report of kilowatt hours, we were able to go through and calculate the corrected fuel charge,” Ensman said.

“So, my understanding is that based on the calculations,  the adjustments will automatically take place unless council acts. Is that not correct?” asked Councilmember Nathan Martin.

“Quarterly,” pointed out Mayor Steve Schag.

“So this is not the quarterly adjustment?” Martin asked.

“This is outside the quarterly adjustment,” noted Ensman.

“This would be like icing on the cake,” added Councilmember Garland Gates.

Gates noted the current kilowatt per hour charge is 8.0138 cents while the new calculated charge is 7.0612 cents per kilowatt per hour.

“The difference is almost a penny per kilowatt hour,” Gates added.

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