Race To The Top Examined

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SHELBY - Assistant Superintendent/Curriculum Director Paul Walker went over updates surrounding Race to the Top, and board members approved Ben Hyun as the new director of instrumental music during the Shelby School Board meeting Monday night.

Walker began his report by presenting the Race to the Top/Ohio Improvement Process information regarding students in grades 3-12.

"We are closing in on year five with Race to the Top. I look back now since we have been through the whole process," Walker said. "Over the last five years we have prepared our staff and students to take these tests online and here after this week we will have accomplished that. I am really proud of the work with the students, administrators, teachers, and teacher aides. This was a whole school district effort."

Walker reported 1,183 students took the assessments and took over 5,000 actual units of testing.

"Students take three sections of English/Language Arts, two of math, one science, and one social studies. Those assessments aren't like what we are used to. They are probably 45-70 minutes long. Some of our students didn't even go that long. These are a little bit shorter. I think our students can obtain and do a nice job on them because they aren't the two and a half hour tests we are used to," Walker stated.

Walker explained he was proud of the district's commitment to the technology.

"We now have over 1,000 chromebooks in our district. That has been a big commitment on the district's part and it has been such a big help," Walker said.

Walker also discussed the Shelby City Schools end of year testing schedule which includes 3rd and 4th grade on April 28-May 7, and 3rd grade will take the OAA on April 29.

Fifth through 8th grade will test April 23-May 8 and 9-12th grade will test May 5-20 and final exams will take place on May 27. Summer OGT weeks will occur June 15-26.

In personnel, board members passed a motion to hire Hyun as the new director of instrumental music. Before board members made their decision, Superintendent Tim Tarvin provided a brief background on Hyun.

"He comes to us from the Ohio State University where he graduated in December 2013. He is excited and ready to go. He has been up here for a couple interviews and he will be here next week to look around and meet staff. Ben is excited and he is young. We are going to give him as much help and guidance as we can. We are very excited about this," Tarvin said.

In other business, a representative from OhioHealth MedCentral Hospital, Dominic Irwin, spoke to the board in regards to providing more detail with the OhioHealth MedCentral partnership agreement with Shelby City Schools.

"What we are looking to do is to provide additional support where we would talk about sponsorship at different events. So, what we have done at other schools is maybe sponsor two to three events and provide information or handouts regarding healthy eating, weight management, or proper hydration. It just depends on what would be appropriate for that type of event," Irwin explained.

Irwin said the mission was to deepen the association between the hospital and the schools.

"So you are looking to provide educational support and not advertising?" asked President of the Board, Lorie White."I mean, naturally advertising is going to come with it, but I think one of the things that we as a board have thrown around includes not advertising to students. That was the concern."

Irwin explained the hospital would provide information during the sponsored events.

"So you are going to have two or three events that you sponsor per year?" Vice President of the Board Bill Roush asked.

"Yes, that is what we have done in the past. Other schools have chosen to do two events and others have gone with three," Irwin stated.

White expressed the board's appreciation to Irwin for speaking to the board and clarifying the information.

"We realize this potentially opens a door for us. We have to determine what is appropriate in the educational setting and what might not be. We needed to think about this and we appreciate your additional input on this matter," White stated.

Tarvin recognized Administrative Assistant Pam Studer as she prepares to retire in a few weeks.

Studer has been an employee with Shelby City Schools since 1985. Studer was also in charge of kindergarten registration and screening.

"Shelby Schools is a great place to work and I have enjoyed my time here and I have enjoyed the people. Thank you very much for everything," Studer expressed.

In old business, board members approved a school calendar for 2016-2017 school year, which has the students starting school on August 22. The board also approved a high school field trip to Italy and Greece for the tentative dates of March 27-April 5, 2016.

The board members also approved the minutes and the financial report for the month of February, along with accepting donations made towards the Shelby City Schools.

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