Cookbook Club Gets Into The Spirit Of Christmas

Daily Globe Staff Reporter

SHELBY- Guests gathered to bring some of their favorite dishes to the Christmas party held for the Cookbook Club at Marvin Memorial Library on Tuesday afternoon.

Marvin Memorial Employee and Organizer of the Cookbook Club Shelly Krystofik welcomed everyone in attendance. After a brief introduction, Krystofik had each person explain what they brought to the event. Typically for each Cookbook Club meeting there is a specific theme, however, for the Christmas party guests are encouraged to bring their favorite dishes along with a recipe to share.

Krystofik started out and explained she had brought a tropical fruit salad. Director of Marvin Memorial Library Kathy Webb was also in attendance and explained she had brought Ramen Coleslaw, however, had gotten the recipe from a fellow Cookbook Club member.

“I knew I wanted to make this Asian coleslaw so I went and pulled out the recipe and started making it and looked up and saw the recipe was Aileen Stewart’s. So, we have all tried this one before,” Webb stated.

Continuing on, Stewart explained she had brought bacon chicken ranch penne and had also made her own alfredo sauce to go along with the dish.

Gail Adams stated she had made a cheese ball, which is a fan favorite at all of her family gatherings.

“When I take it anywhere it usually ends up disappearing very quickly. This is a pretty easy one to make and everyone always likes it,” Adams said.

Some other dishes that were brought for the feast included, bacon wrapped smokeys, no bake cookies, peas, a Nutella Christmas tree, Oreo truffles, ham and cheese sliders, and chicken sandwich sliders.

The Cookbook Club meets the second Tuesday of every month at 1 p.m. in the library with a different theme. All public is welcome to attend the meetings.

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