Three Pass Fire Captian Exam

SHELBY - Members of the Shelby Civil Service Commission met on Wednesday to discuss the results of the recent fire department captain’s exam.

Kate Eyster, chairman of the Civil Service Commission, noted six firefighters took the test for the one captain opening and three passed.

The three who passed were Randy Washburn with a 97.6 percent, Jared Mawhorr with a 90 percent and Brad Thompson with an 88.4 percent.

Eyster noted the percentages were the result of the actual test score with seniority credit added.

Fire Chief Mike Thompson said he would notify Washburn that he received the highest score on the test and said he was "99.9 percent sure he will accept the position.”

Eyster noted that after Washburn was sworn in as the new captain, he would be on a 120 day probationary period. - JLM

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