Zoning Matters Mulled Over At Jackson


Daily Globe Staff Reporter

JACKSON TWP- Special reports including updates on zoning projects were presented during Tuesday night’s regular Jackson Township meeting.

Zoning Inspector Ron Carpenter explained he had issued a number of permits for a variety of projects throughout the township.

Carpenter stated a permit was issued to a resident on State Route 39 for a storage building and another permit was also issued on State Route 39 for a pole barn on the resident’s lot. In addition, Carpenter said he had a request from a resident on Laser Road for a proposed building for agriculture use.

Carpenter stated he had composed a letter and sent it to the Building Codes regarding the request from Laser Road.

Regarding other zoning matters, Carpenter explained he had a question come up from a resident on Stiving Road regarding a manufactured home.

“We have someone there who is putting in a manufactured home. I had called it a modular home, but it is actually a manufactured home. I read in our zoning resolution and they are allowed to have it, but it has to be a certain size and everything. In our resolution, it says it has to be on permanent foundation,” Carpenter stated.

Carpenter explained he didn’t understand what a permanent foundation meant in the resolution.

“My thought was a concrete block all the way around or a concrete pad, but that is not correct. If you read in the code on it in the Ohio Revised Code 4781-61-3.3, it is written right into there. The resident has concrete pedestals poured into the ground and then they mount into that,” Carpenter said. “Supposedly what happens is Building Codes will come and inspect those. The manufactured home code company will be the one to inspect it.”

Carpenter explained once the home got checked and approved, an Ohio Seal would go onto the building. Carpenter added he would like the township’s Zoning Commission to review what is in the resolution.

Road Superintendent Kurt Stumbo was absent from the meeting due to salting the township roads, however, provided his report which Trustee Greg Vogt went over.

Vogt read from Stumbo’s report which stated he had plowed and salted roads, built a grate for a catch basin on Laser Road, changed oil, put up a new curve sign on Laser, inmates completed several projects, and heaters had been worked on by Kevin Alt.

Vogt made a motion to approve the special reports as presented and the motion passed.

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