SABG Looks Back On Triumphant Year

Daily Globe Staff Reporter

SHELBY - With the first full year the Shelby Area Business Group (SABG) has been active coming to an end, members Julie Britton and Jennifer Arms couldn't be more pleased with how 2014 went for the organization.

The year 2014 was completely jam packed for the SABG. Arms explained the different events which took place this year through the organization included the Shop Hop, Stuff the Caboose at the Shelby Cruise In, Chili Cook-Off, Polar X-Press, and the Shop Small Movement.

Arms shared her thoughts on how the first official year for the group went.

"We have learned a lot and I truly believe there has been a positive impact on the community with the different events that have been held," Arms explained.

Arms revealed the event which was the highlight of the year was none other than the community favorite, Polar X-Press.

"Of course the highlight was the Polar X-Press," she said. "Last year for the very first one we had about 3,500 people and this year we had between 4,500 and 5,000. So, it is definitely growing and becoming more widely known throughout the area which is great for the community."

In addition, Arms explained for the Polar X-Press next year, the group will look at finding a central activity location for the different events for children to participate in.

"The actual Polar X-Press train will look completely different next year with a different design and everything. Something else we will really focus on next year is figuring out all of the safety issues which go along with the train. We are always open to anyone who has any ideas or suggestions on how we can go about that," Arms said.

Britton also revealed her thoughts on how she believes the year went for the group.

"Everyone really came together as a community and people are stepping up to build a stronger and more united group," Britton stated.

Britton explained the group is looking to develop committees which will be in charge of the different events.

"We still have to figure out the committees, but once we get those in order I believe everything will just come together," Britton said.

Arms also added the group wants to start focusing on promoting their events a couple months in advance before they actually occur. Arms shared as of this year, there are about 35-40 active members in the group.

"We are always open to welcoming new members to become a part of the group. Anyone who would like to join is more than welcome to email us ( so we can get them more information," Arms said.

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