Willard Schools Honor Veterans


By Jane Ernsberger
Times-Junction News Editor

Students in the Willard City Schools paid tribute to area veterans with a breakfast and Mail Call on Nov. 8. The district sponsored a breakfast, and all of the students within the Willard City Schools were waiting for them inside the Haas Gymnasium for a special “thank you.”

Huron County Sheriff Todd Corbin, a Marine veteran, was the guest speaker. Corbin was awarded the Navy Cross during his time of service for heroics while on the battlefield.

“On Veteran’s Day, we honor you all,” Corbin told over 170 veterans who were there. “I was raised in Willard. It’s my hometown. I have those hometown values.

“It is such an amazing feeling to stand before my brothers and sisters in arms,” he added. “I am still serving, and I am asking you to serve with me.”

Corbin said the country is going in a direction he does not like.

“I want us to stand up and take back this country,” he pointed out. “Unfortunately, it is us against the world. We need all of you now more than ever. It’s an absolute privilege to serve.”

The flag presentation included Abby Davis, Jenna Gibson, Brianna Lykins, Trinity Kennard, Desiree Barnett and Grace Rothhaar.

Kindergarten students in the Willard City Schools led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Veterans were also treated to a Mail Call. Each name was called and students presented them with their “mail,” including messages thanking them for their service and formed an “honor tunnel” for the veterans.

The veterans honored included Chris Adams, Eric Adams, Ivan Adams, Rodney Alexander, Leonard Allen, Marcus Allen, James Alt, Steven Ames, Richard Anklin, Dave Arnold;

Doug Back, Ed Back, Michael Back, Jr., Roger Back, Ron Barrett, Melvin Batrez, Jason Bauer, John Beasore, Wesley Beck, Craig Berry, Clark Behrendsen, Joseph Behrendsen, James Blackburn, Arnel Blair, Fred Blank;

Mark Bogner, James Bolen, Jim Bond, Tom Bores, Charles, Boyd, Dennis Breyman, Mandi Breyman, Brandon Briggs, Husniyay Briddel, Ron Brown, Larry Buchanan, Edward Bush, Frank Buurma, Richard Buurma, Robert Buurma, Jim Buurma;

Paul Capelle, Glenn Carman, Bryan Carnahan, James Carpenter, Larry Carpenter, Sr., Shelton Cary, III, Dwayne Cassidy, Rick Cassidy, Charles Casto, Kevin Casto, Eric Caudill, Robert D. Cerar;

Richard Chase, Marcus Childers, James Chistiansen, David Clady, Randy Cok, Larry Cole, Leroy Coleman, Mitchell Conley, David Coovert, Joshua Cope, Todd Corbin, William Crapsey, Bethany Crawford, James Crawford, Jim Croneis;

Cole Daniel, Marvin Daniel, Marion Davis, Jim Dawson, Wesley DeVene, Olen Dials, Jared Dickerson, Jacob Durbin, Bruce Durr, Sr., Robert Durr;

Evert Ebinger, William Ebinger, Phillip Edmonson, William Eicher, Dick Ellis, Mike Ellis;

William Fazenbaker, Robert Felter, Earl Fidler, Gary Foresman, Gene Frankart, Jeremy Freeman, Paul Fry, Richard Fryman, Emmons E. Fund, II;

Veronica Gabel, Justin Garcia, Shawn Gray, Matthew Grundish, Argenis Guerra;

Carlos Hall, Robert Hamilton, Derek Hamons, James Hamons, Ann Marie Hargraves, Jess W. Harris, II, Brad Hartley, Dennis Hartley, William Hartley, David Hawblitz, Edwin Hawk;

Drew Hensley, Sean Hensley, Tanveer Hensley, Bill Hershiser, David Hicks, Ron Hicks, Andy Higgins, Gerald Hintz, Joe Hintz, Mark Holden, Jamey Holland, Lloyd Holona, James Honaker, Roger Hoteling, Roger Howell;

Kevin Irvine, Barry Jester, Lee Jester, Wes Jester, Bob Johnson, David Johnson, Larry Jones, Robert Jones;

Edwin Kanney, Curtis Karr, Ben Keefer, Jeremy Kimberlin, Ivan King, Leslie King;

Russell Lacy, John Lawrence, Corwin Leonard, Richard Lewis, Jerry Lowery, Jim Ludban, Casey Luppino, Bobby Lykins;

Oliver Mahl, Cliff Martin, Don Martin, Ron Martin, Jason Maxwell, Earl McBee, Howard McClish, William McDaniel, Denny McDonald, James McKinney III, Scott Melroy;

Gerald Mesnard, David Moll, Roger Moll, Bob Montgomery, Jason Montgomery, John Montgomery, Wilbur Montgomery, Lukas Moore, Jantz Morey, James Mosley;

Charles Napier, Emily Nedolast, Howard North, Colby Nuhfer;

Howard Olson III, Tayler Olson, Bobby Oney, Sr.;

Brian Patrick, Timothy James Pelsang, Jim Penneybaker, Terry Perkins, Jamie Irvine Phelps, Charles Pillar, Gary Michael Pittenger, Brad Polachek, David Polachek, Gerald Polachek, Jim Polachek, Chad Poston; Arthur Poths, Wesley Poths, Adam Preston, Brandon Pridemore, Allen Puckett;

Charles Rice, Larry Robbins, Richard Robinson, Tyler Rocker, Richard Rodriguez, Tawny Rodriguez, Clifton Rose, Jim Rose, Ron Ross, Claud Row, Roy Ruiz, Todd Ryman;

Timothy Sage, Kelly Sallee, Ronnie Sallee, Benjamin Salyer, Jeremy Salyer, William Sampson, Paul Sanders,David Sattig, Raymond Schaffer, Vince Schloemer, Jeremy Schlotterer, Donald Schrader, Donald Schriner, James Schumaker;

Marvin Schuster, Dean Seaman, Rick Sexton, Henry Shadik, Collin Sherman, Todd Shininger, Anderson Showman, Matthew Showman, Tom Showman, Roger Shriver, Andy Silcox, Larry Silcox, William Silcox, David Smith, Dave Simpson;

Donald Simpson, Don Snook, Harold Snyder, Bradley Stacy, Joseph Starkey, Scott Steinment, Delmar Stephens, Eric Stephens, Ethan Stephens, Seth Stephens, Darrell Stevens, Robert Stevens, Chuck Storts, Denzil Stover, Scotty Stover;

Harold Tackett, Henry Tackett, Dale Tanner, Jacqueline Taylor, Nicholas Tenore, Robert Thompson, Dustin Tindal, Shawn Tindal, Joseph Toth, Royden Trimner, Timothy Tuttle;

Mike Veletean, William Vipperman, Neil Vogel, Tim Wallace, Gerald Walliser, Fred Walton, Jack A. Ward, David Weaver, John Weaver, Paul Weaver, Ralph Webb, William Weinbroer, Gary Weir, Alvin Weiss, Bill Weiss, John Weiss, Ronald Wertz, Richard Whetstone;

Jim White, Richard Wiles, Tom Wiles, Merv Wilhelm, Clyde Wilson, Don Wislon, Gary R. Wilson, Larry Wingert, Kenneth Wolf, Jared Wolfenbarger, Thomas Wood, Hansel Wright, Wallace Wright, Ronald Young and Allen Zigler.

This was the first year students in the Willard City Schools participated in honoring veterans on this scale. Plans are already being made to continue the ceremonies each year.

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