Plymouth Approves Hourly Increases For Police


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PLYMOUTH- Plymouth council passed a resolution at its recent meeting to increase the hourly compensation for several positions within the police department.

Adopted as an emergency, the hourly increases starting July 29 include the following:

- Full-time captain Montel Gordon - $21.40;

- Part-time police officers - $14, and

- All full-time police officers who successfully complete their probationary period - $16.

Included in the resolution was the amount for uniform allowance paid by the village. All full-time officers will receive $600 each year, and eligible part-time officers will get $200.

Council member Joan Felver said the recent finance meeting was productive.

“(Police) Chief Hintz talked about his budget,” she said. “He’s sticking right with it.”

In his first report as village administrator, Tim Rusynyk said there were approximately 70 water meters that “were bad.”

“They’ve got well over 30 done,” Rusynyk told council. “They did nine of them yesterday. They’re doing really good on that.”

Rusynyk said he and Jamie Burton had been working on some of the fire hydrants that are not operational.

“We put a new pole in on Plymouth Street,” he noted. “We had a couple guys out today cleaning catch basins out that previously were full to the top with dirt. They’re open and taking water now.”

Rusynyk said one of the newer hired employees had asked him about his status.

“When he was hired, he said that it was under the condition that he was seasonal,” Rusynyk explained, “and then to transition to full-time.”

According to the employee, he was told this by the former village administrator.

“He was asking about his status and if he could be moved to full-time,”Rusynyk said. “I told him I would bring it to council.”

Council member Jim Holloman said when the person was hired it was as a seasonal employee.

“We never said full-time,” Felver pointed out. “We said if there was an opening we would consider it.”

Mayor Tim Redden said the hire was made before council passed an ordinance to have Optimax do the mowing at the cemetery.

“He was going to work out there seasonally and be the cemetery guy,” Redden noted. “At least as the main guy.”

Holloman said the former village administrator had no right to tell the employee those conditions for advancement.

“I don’t know a whole lot about that,” Rusynyk said. “I only know what (he) told me. I’ve got nothing but good things to say about (him). Everything I ask him to do, he does it.

“He seems like a good worker,” he added. “But, I understand if there’s no space, there’s no space.”

Rusynyk told council he has been assured by Columbia Gas the two places downtown on the north and south ends of the square that are in disrepair from the company would be fixed before the festival.

In his safety report, council member Charles Doan commended both Redden and Hintz for work done at the police department shooting range. A donation will allow for improvements there. Redden and Hintz framed the area, Doan noted,and it is now ready to have concrete poured.

Holloman said the planning commission met before the regular council meeting. A resident is asking for an alley closure between 137 and 141 Plymouth Street.

“We had a public hearing if there were any objections,” Holloman said. “We had notices sent out 30 days prior to people that surrounded it.

“We have no objections to this,” he added. “So, it passed. There will be an ordinance drawn up to vacate that alley.”

The other resident said they have no use for any part of the alley. Holloman said she is going to give full use to the applicant.

Council passed an ordinance amending the annual appropriations for 2018.

With a total of $6,062,200.78, they include the following totals for each fund:

- General Fund - $869,816;

- Street Fund - $89,000;

- State Highway Fund - $20,000;

- Cemetery Fund $75,600;

- Park Fund - $43,000;

- Law Enforcement Trust - $90;

- Permissive Sales - $40,000;

- Enforcement and Education - $2,586;

- Fire Operating - 130,000;

- Fire and Ambulance Equipment Fund - $147,000;

Mayor’s Court Computer Fund - $5,400;

- Capital Projects - $0;

- Block Grant - $30;

- Cemetery non-expendable - $475;

- Mary Fate Park non-expendable - $986;

- Water - $545,000;

- Water Reserve Operating - $53,109;

- Sewer - $575,000;

- Sewer Reserve Operating - $54,812;

- Electric - $1,684,068;

- Pool - $27.73;

- Garbage Operating- $105,000;

- Ambulance - $132,000;

- Water Improvement - Short Term - $60,000;

- Water Improvement Long Term - $40,000;

- Water Debt Service - $74,662.68

- Sewer Bond Debt Service - $145,873.14;

- Electric Bond Debt Service - $53,687/25;

- Sewer Bond Debt Service Reserve - $149,000;

- Electric Bond Debt Service Reserve - $54,000;

- Water Debt Service Reserve - $60,000;

- Utility Deposit - $80,000;

- CDBG ARRA Grant WWTP - $7.65, and

- Sewer I & I project - $671,870.33.

Council passed an ordinance establishing 40 hours per calendar week as the standard work week for all employees in the Plymouth Police Department. The ordinance, passed as an emergency, also allowed the village to apply Policy

Section 3.02 for calculating overtime. It now brings the police department in line with the rest of the village for calculating overtime.

The next council meeting will be on Tuesday, Aug. 14 at 7 p.m.

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