Class of 2027 Ready To Face The Future

By Jane Ernsberger
Times-Junction News Editor

There were tears at the kindergarten graduation for Central Elementary School, and not just from students. This was the last time kindergartners would graduate from the longtime school. It will be demolished later this summer.

At the graduation ceremony held in the Robert Haas Gymnasium at Willard High School, Principal Tracy Stephens said students did a good job in adjusting to a full day of school.

"This is a day to celebrate and recognize these amazing boys and girls for their hard work and efforts this year in kindergarten. They have made amazing progress throughout the year," Stephens pointed out. "I am so proud of everything they have learned and what they have been able to accomplish this year."

Their success and achievements, she noted, was due to the outstanding support they received at home and the caring teachers and aides who are in the classrooms.

"The collaborative effects between school and home make it possible for these young boys and girls to be successful each and every day," Stephens noted. "We are very thankful to have such wonderful families to work with daily."

The year, according to Stephens sped by quickly. The students have grown since they first walked through the doors of Central Elementary School last August.

This graduation is special for a number of reasons, Stephens pointed out. One of those reasons is the pride in each student shared by family and teachers.

"This is our last graduation ceremony as Central Elementary School," she said. "We will have a new building next year, and we are looking forward to that and all of the amazing opportunities it will bring for our staff and students."

The third special reason was the retirement of teacher Nancy Daniel after 35 years in the Willard City Schools. "Her dedication and passion for education shows each and every day as she is working with her students in the classroom.

As each student's name was called by classroom, they received a carnation from Willard City Schools Superintendent Jeff Ritz, a hug from assistant principal Lauri Czapliki and their diploma from their teacher.

"It is a day of laughter and tears," Stephens noted. "We are so proud and happy for each and everyone of these boys and girls. That brings a smile to our faces."

As Stephens read each graduate's name, she also said what their future goals are for a career.

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