Cleaning Person Hired For NF Village Offices

By Kyle Bailey
Special to the Times-Junction

Mayor Dan Traxler discussed several ongoing village projects at the Monday, Oct. 27 North Fairfield Village council meeting.

Traxler announced the council room cleaning deal has been finalized and a worker from Christie Lane Industries is scheduled to clean the room once a week from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. He said he bought cleaning supplies so the village will only be responsible for paying for hours worked.

According to Traxler, the Operation Round-Up grant has been sent in and received for review. The next step in the process, he said, is waiting for a reply. The application deadline is Nov. 7, so an outcome should be known by the end of November at the latest.

On October 30, Traxler noted the village office will be switching its Internet service provider from Time Warner to Frontier.

"I called Time Warner and there is no cancellation fee, and there is no installation fee by Frontier," he said. "I can call Time Warner and they will transfer everything to Frontier."

"Is this going to be done in one day?" asked council member Mary Millis.

"Probably not," replied Traxler. "There will be bugs probably the first day to work out. They will probably put the line to it in first and disconnect everything then hook it up."

Traxler discussed updates with council members regarding the playground installation project. He said the recreation committee decided, with the help of Lindsey Ingram of the local mothers group, to devise several different scenarios for the project using different money amounts.

"It's kind of like 40, 50, 60 and maybe that will help people donate more if they know this is what we can get if we have this much more money" Traxler said.

Ingram added the committee also discussed construction and equipment need lists for the project. When the mothers group conducts future fundraisers, donators can see a tentative plan in place, she said.

"Yes," Traxler agreed. "We would like a construction list and an equipment list so we know the materials and equipment we will need. Like we stated at the meeting, it's going to depend on what equipment we get how much work and what materials and stuff we need."

Traxler noted the committee would like to have the plans developed by the end of December so it can move forward with the next phase of the project.

Traxler commended the village for the turn out for Trick-or-Treat, which was held on Saturday, Oct. 25. He said the event went well, and it was nice to see the kids who attended the event enjoy themselves.

Village Administrator Bob Morgan updated council about the tree trimming project. He said he checked with a company about renting a pole saw, but the price and extension length were the same as pole saws from a different business. Morgan told council he will go ahead and rent the saw from the second business since the village will receive a $20 discount for staying local, making the total $579.99, instead of $599.99.

In other council business, to avoid 30-day late fee penalties, council member Josh Radcliffe made a motion accepting payment for work previously done by Precision Concrete and Adkins Sanitation in the amounts of $15,305 and $5,500 respectively.

Traxler stated $4,320 will be paid for by the village and the other $10,985 will be paid for through permissive tax funds regarding the work provided by Precision Concrete.

According to Traxler, the Village of North Fairfield is currently accepting applications for the vacant utilities clerk position. Information is available at the village office.

Council adopted an ordinance establishing regulations for noxious weeds, vegetation, and grass and litter.

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