Pioneer Gives Back To Communities


By Jane Ernsberger
Times-Junction News Editor

Students at Pioneer Career and Technology Center took a day off from school but did not stay home or spend it idly.

Heather Fighter, a teacher at Pioneer, said students were in the communities of their homeschools on April 21 to make a difference. Most of the work would involve helping to make each community a little bit brighter with clean up duties.

“We divided up by homeschool in our communities,” she explained. “We are in all 14 of our partner schools in Richland, Huron and several other counties.”

In Plymouth, over 30 students made the decision to help their community. Fighter said they were divided up at several locations, including the Plymouth Historical Museum, Plymouth High School and at the cemetery.

While most of the students were aware with the location of the cemetery and with their home high school, one group got the chance to work at the museum. For many of them, it was a chance to look back at time in their village, a trip many were not aware was available.

“They see the sign,” noted Fighter. “They know it’s there. They just didn’t know what was inside.”

With donations from area businesses, Fighter said they were able to purchase T-shirts showing what was going on that day. It also reminded students of giving back.

“It’s a voluntary thing,” Fighter noted. “It’s considered a day of school.”

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