Huron County Community Library Getting Ready To Start Work On Willard Renovations

By Jane Ernsberger
Times-Junction News Editor

The Board of Trustees for the Huron County Community Library will now get to work on the renovations to the Willard Memorial Library after voters approved a .75 mil bond issue.

According to director Laura Lee Wilson, the unofficial results were 1,349, or 56-percent of the votes. There were 1,060 against passage.

"We carried all precincts except two," she noted. "New Haven by one vote and Richmond by six votes."

Wilson said she and Adam Searl, fiscal officer for the Huron County Community Library, have meetings scheduled with CBLH, the design firm chosen for the renovations and with Bricker and Eckler, the firm that will handle the sale of the bonds.

"We anticipate the bonds will be sold in December or January," Wilson told trustees. "Then we will be able to start taking bids for a contractor. Renovations should begin in the spring."

Searl reviewed the recent audit for the library.

"We did have a finding," Searl told trustees. "Basically there were two things that were problem areas for both years."

One of the problems concerned the Public Library Funds. Searl said it was put into the system as a property tax. This was when the district was using Quick Books for accounting.

The second problem stemmed from the budget planning at the beginning of the year, Searl pointed out. Excel spread sheets were used primarily at the time and the budget was in Excel.

"We also had the budget in Quick Books," he noted. "The budget in Quick Books wasn't always updated as promptly as the one in Excel."

Searl said the auditors did not see Excel as the primary budget.

"So they looked to Quick Books," he said. "Quick Books didn't add up correctly with the estimated revenue that we got from the county auditor's office. They decreased our appropriations within Quick Books so that it would match up correctly with our revised estimated certificates from those two years."

There were no findings for recovery, according to Searl. The library did not have to pay any fines or fees.

"They just had some general recommendations," he added. "They want me to give you the budget versus the actual more often, which I did the last time. We will probably do it quarterly."

The board of trustees decided an exit interview with the audit was not needed. It was pointed out Searl was only fiscal officer for one-half of the audit. The fiscal officer who preceded him was responsible for the other half.

"It sounds like the problems were from a poor accounting system," noted board of trustees president Doug Substanley. "We won't have that any more."

"No," Searl said. "It's not possible to have it with UAN."

Searl also reviewed the present numbers for trustees. On Oct. 1, there was $860,027 in the General Fund. Month to date income was $60,313. Expenses for the month totaled $107,312 leaving $813,029 in the General Fund.

"We had three pay periods in that month," Searl pointed out. "So that's why that number is a little bit higher."

The only other account that saw any action was the Greenwich Trust Fund, according to Searl. There was $297 in expenses, leaving the total at $129,385.

The total of all accounts for the Huron County Community Library as of Oct. 31 is $1.8 million.

Restricted donations totaled $110. Unrestricted donations for the month were $20.48.

Trustees approved a total transfer of $1,188 from Unallocated Appropriations to the following:

• $500 to equipment rent;

• $300 for postage;

• $188 for cataloguing services, and $200 for Willard maintenance and repair of equipment.

Board of trustee members accepted the resignation of Rachel Leber, Library Clerk I at Greenwich.

Several items which are broken or obsolete were approved for removal from the library inventory.

The board of trustees went into executive session for the review of the job performance of the director. No action followed.

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