NL Council Approves Hiring Of Two Water/Sewer Dept. Employees

By Lynne Phillips
News Editor

Two individuals will be hired for the village’s water/sewer department following approval of the move by New London Council members during Monday night’s meeting.

The request to hire was made by administrator Shawn Pickworth who noted regulations that are coming down the pike by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency are the reason for the new hires. “We have to have at least two new crews just to keep up.” He noted the department needs to have someone trained to that particular job.

Council member Stuart Cooke asked if the positions were being added because there are some retirements in the department coming? “This is some succession planning,” Pickworth stated, but emphasized the new regulations from EPA are the main reason.

Andrew Goss, according to Pickworth, has some wastewater experience. He will be joined by David Patton. Both will be paid $16 per hour to start with a three percent pay increase after they have completed a probation period.

Fire Chief John Chapin reported on the move to relocate the antennas to the water tower.

He told council there have been several meetings involving Huron County Emergency Management Agency, New London Fire Department, Firelands Ambulance Service, New London Police Department, Huron County Sheriff’s Department, New London Village Utilities and New London Local Schools. “There will be seven different radios that will be moved and attached to that antenna,” he stated.

“We will be entering into a contract and will all share in the cost, installation and operation of the system.

“We have found a used building that we will purchase and set beside the water tower. It will be fenced and all of the radios will be moved there.” He said a 40 foot antenna will be added to the tower which will increase the height of the antenna by an additional 70 feet. We have been told this should cure the dead spots we have. He said the water department has problems with communication with there portable radios when they go out in the country. The police department has several dead spots, most of them are out by the reservoir and the fire department also has dead spots. We are hoping to improve that system.”

The reason for the move, according to Chapin is that Firelands Electric Cooperative will not be putting up an antenna at their new facility. He noted currently all of the radios are located on the tower of Firelands Electric’s present location. They need a new home and this seems like the best way to do it.

When the installation of the antenna is complete, according to Chapin, all of the involved parties will pay annual fees into a fund that will be paid to the village. The cost to operate the system will be paid out of it.

“This will really improve the communication on the village side for safety services.”

Chapin told council a tower expert has been hired and, “He is our expert to make sure that everything we do will not affect the operation of the water tower in any way shape of form. He attends all of the meetings and so far he agrees with everything we are doing to this point.”

Cooke asked council to explore the installation of electric meters at the Reservoir Campground that would give more accurate readings of electric use before the upcoming season.

There was no decision made on the matter.

Tom Neel was in attendance at the meeting to ask council to postpone the deadline for the historical society’s sidewalk replacement until Aug. 2019.

He also mentioned a sidewalk or pathway from the village’s Recreation Park to the New London Reservoir.

Mayor John Martin told Neel the village would work with them regarding the sidewalk replacement due to weather issues.

Neel requested the village issue a statement of support for historical restoration in the village.

Ellen Simmons expressed appreciation to various village departments for their support of the annual Hometown Holidays event.

Council members approved the following agenda items:

- Third reading of an ordinance increasing utility rates in the village by three percent beginning with the first billing in March.

- Third reading of an ordinance relating to the salary schedule of the employee handbook.

- Third reading of an ordinance providing for the appointment of the village solicitor.

- Third reading of an ordinance relating to the direct deposit of employee compensation.

- First reading of two ordinances relating to the 2018 annual appropriations authorizing the transfer of certain funds and appropriations needed for operations.

- First reading of an ordinance authorizing amending the village policies on use of credit cards.

Residents are reminded the Dec. 25 (Tuesday) route for trash pick up will be on Wednesday, Dec. 26 and the Jan. 1 route will be picked up on Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2019.

City Hall will be closed on Wednesday, Dec. 26.

New London Council meets regularly on the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7 p.m. in chambers.

The Dec. 24 meeting has been rescheduled for Thursday, Dec. 27.

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