NL Local Schools Receives Health Education Grant From FTMC

By Lynne Phillips
News Editor

New London and Western Reserve Local Schools and Wellington Exempted Village School District along with six other schools will receive Health Education Grants from Fisher-Titus Hospital.

Fisher-Titus Health Education Grants have been supporting health and science initiatives in classrooms since 1996 according to CEO Matt Gross.

“This year nine local schools will receive a total of $36,000 to achieve goals and make science and health education fun for students.

“As leaders in our local schools, we recognize your strong commitment to the communities we serve and will once again distribute $36,00 in recognition of your important work,” said Gross during the annual luncheon.

“In addition to monies provided by Fisher-Titus Health, we were able to maintain this level of funding thanks to our board members, senior leaders and numerous physicians who, through the Fisher-Titus Foundation, made a generous donation to this program. This is another example of how high we set the level of importance to this event and what it represents,” he added.

“We have distributed more than $866,489 in the 22 years the program has been in existence,” said Dennis Doughty, chairman of the FTMC Board of Directors.

“This organization believes it is our duty to bring the best people to the best workplace in order to provide the best care possible. Our partnership with you, the brightest and best people in our schools, helps us further our mission.”

Applicants were required to submit a grant proposal that included a detailed explanation of the project to be funded. Grants were approved by the board of directors. Under the program school districts receive grants of up to $4,000.

During the luncheon, each recipient presented a brief summary of the program last year’s grant funded and information about this year’s plan for the grant.

“New London Local Schools prides itself on its dedication to student learning and preparing students for their future,” said superintendent Brad Romano. “In doing so, New London Local Schools have embraced and encouraged the use of technology in all content areas across the district. Science, math and health are content areas that can specifically be impacted by increased technology usage and student development of critical thinking skills. This grant will further develop New London Local Schools 21st Century Media Center.”

The goal of the project, according to Romano, is to develop a media center where paper based resources are not the predominant tool in the media center. The components of the plan design include soft seating for small group collaboration and meeting, flexible seating which may be easily moved to provide a variety of functions, collaboration space that supports technology and a clear definition of space within the space allowing for multiple activities to take place simultaneously. The plan design includes standing work stations that promote movement while collaboration and learning occurs.

“New London has a vision where all instruction is delivered to students using state of the art technology, where students interact with their peers and teachers using technology in an attempt to better prepare them for the world that awaits them after graduation and where students can experiment, explore and discover new skills as well as reinforce old ones using technology.

“Receiving support from the grant will allow continued promotion of student centered exploratory lessons in science, math and health courses by purchasing a Clever Touch Board that supports student learning, promoting a higher level of excellence. In addition, by redesigning physical space in the media center it will create an environment that promotes exploratory learning.”

Western Reserve High School and Middle School are in a collaborative effort to improve the technology in the science department, according to superintendent Rodge Wilson.

“In order to advance science curriculum, Western Reserve will purchase a TouchIT Technologies Interactive Flat Panel LED and a rolling, height-adjustable stand for portability. The stand will allow the interactive flat panel to be more easily shared among the science department.

“The interactive flat panel has many features making it a great addition to the classroom. Features such as allowing the teacher to show content on the screen to the class from their computer, students connecting their devices to the LED for interactive and collaborative lessons or performing whole class virtual lab demonstrations make this a great tool for the interactive classroom.

“The science department at Western Reserve currently utilizes a great deal of technology in instruction. This technology includes the use of smart boards, Mimio interactive equipment, a variety of online virtual labs, the use of student Chromebooks and numerous other applications to engage students in learning. The addition of the Interactive Flat Panel will help meet the educational goals of the Western Reserve’s continuous improvement plan and the goals of state benchmarks and common core standards. Students will acquire knowledge to improve science scores, develop skills that will prepare them to make educated decisions about careers and allow them immediate access to research questions they may have related to instruction.”

In the Wellington Exempted Village School District, headed by superintendent Edward Weber, the grant money will be used for the continued development of a fitness facility.

“The fitness center is being used for athletics, physical education and faculty and staff wellness,” Weber stated.

“Currently, about $25,000 has been invested into the new fitness center through various grants and donations. Having a fitness facility at the high school has allowed their physical education teacher to add new courses for the student body. A strength and conditioning class is now available for students promoting healthy lifestyles and education for weightlifting and exercising. Also we have been able to incorporate both weight training and cardiovascular fitness into regular classes as well.

“The high school varsity athletic teams utilize weight training as a part of their practices now that the weight room is readily available.

“Additionally, faculty members use the facility to increase their own health and fitness.

“This has the potential to help many people within the Wellington Exempted Village School District, since both students and staff can use the equipment. It will also ensure more possibilities are available for users to give them a wider list of options to utilize when exercising.”

The grant will be used to purchase: Ten body loop bands, four 25 pound kettlebells, four 35 pound kettlebells, four 45 pound kettlebells, two 60 pound kettlebells, two 80 pound kettlebells, one BSN foam plyo (set of three), three 360 belt set, five lateral resistor pro and one international olympic bar.

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