New London SSO Project 30 Percent Complete

By Lynne Phillips
News Editor

The village's Sewer Separation Overflow Project (SSO) is over 30 percent complete administrator Shawn Pickworth told New London Council members during Monday night's meeting.

"Work on North Main, North Railroad, First Street and Park Avenue is done," Pickworth said, "with the exception of trench repair and repaving. Once East Main Street is complete, the plan is to have a trench repair crew come in and patch the trenches on all of the completed streets."

He said trench repairs have been under discussion.

"Do we want to do a full trench repair with cement all the way to the surface of the road or do we want to come up to within two inches and blacktop over the cement?" he asked. He pointed out cement right now is a little cheaper than asphalt. "We are leaning toward the cement repair on the trenches. I don't care how well compacted and how much testing is done on the trenches, a year from now the trenches are going to settle. We are proposing that we do the trench repairs, leave them settle until the end of the year, possibly the first of next year before we come back and do the milling and paving. I think we will have a much better road. Plus with compaction around our water lines means our water crews will be digging six foot to repair the old sand cast water lines. I'd rather leave it settle naturally and take our time with it."

Firelands Electric Cooperative line rebuilding project is also moving along as planned.

"Crews will be working on West Main Street staying ahead of the SSO project," he noted.

Additionally, Pickworth reported he is working on this year's Community Development Block Grant funding application.

"The funding is going to get more and more competitive," he said. "This is due to the fact the state has once again cut the amount of funding received by Huron County."

Part of the roof next to the area where cardboard boxes are baled was lost on Monday, according to Pickworth. "That was due to the high winds," he said. "Our insurance company said damage would is covered by our policy." He added, "I don't know how much of it will be covered." He told council, "The roof on this building is getting to be in bad shape and I am getting a quote to have it preserved."

Residents are reminded the spring clean-up schedule is as follows:

• Tuesday garbage route will be April 22.

• Thursday garbage route will be April 24.

• There will be no returns for trash.

"If we are requested to come back, residents will be charged," stated Pickworth.

The following items will not be picked up: Asbestos materials, gas tanks, chemicals, paint, yard waste, sod, dirt, rocks, concrete or batteries. There will be an additional charge for tires.

The spring clean up is for New London Village residents only.

Different materials are to be separated into piles placed on the lawn. Keep items normally picked up by sanitation crews such as regular garbage and recyclables separated from clean up items.

For additional information contact the village office at 419-929-4091.

Parks and recreation director Joe Thomas reported as follows:

• Breakfast with the Easter Bunny held last Sunday at the Hileman Building had a good turnout, raising more than $500 in donations for the parks.

• Renovations to the Hileman Building continue. New flooring has been installed, as have new kitchen equipment, two large screen televisions and sound system. Door and window replacements are expected to be installed soon.

• An open house at the reservoir will be held on Saturday, May 3 from noon until 6 p.m.

• Saturday, May 10 is the annual fishing tournament. The cost is $40 per team and the kid's fishing event is free.

Police chief Mike Marko reported the department's two 2007 Chevy cruisers have been sold to the Kelly's Island Police Department and two new cruisers are expected to be delivered soon.

Renovations by Seitz Design and Construction to the police department are going very well, according to Pickworth. "There have only been a few minor changes. One of those is the men's restroom. We found when we tore into it there is a double block wall where the plumbing comes through. In order to move the plumbing we are tearing down more block walls than anticipated. We made some changes that will make it a lot easier when things go back together.

Pickworth said he had also been in contact with the same office supply company that supplied Firelands Ambulance Service. "They offer a 69 percent discount for furnishings for the remodeling.

The project is expected to be completed by mid June.

Pickworth said he received a letter from Anne Lowery, Director of New London Public Library letting the village know the board of trustees met and approved committing up to 25 percent (up to $1,726.25) in funds for the matching funds required by the village for a Surface Water Improvement Fund (SWIF) grant from OEPA.

Council members approved a water treatment facility analysis and engineering report as requested by Pickworth.

"This is something both John (Chapin, water/wastewater superintendent) and I‚Äąthink should be done," he said. "It allows us to look into the future, a 20 year plan of where we want to be. It evaluates our existing procedures in order to see improvements we want to make and the biggest reason we need to have this done is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is going to mandate it if we go for any funding through them.

"It won't be done over night," he pointed out," but I think it is something that would greatly benefit the village in the future."

In other business council approved the purchase of a Massey Ferguson 2400 tractor.

Council members appointed Steve Roeder and Tom Howell to the park board.

New London Council will meet for a regular meeting on Monday, April 28 in council chambers at 7 p.m.

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