NLCIC Approves Motion To Support Plastics Recycling In Village

By Lynne Phillips
News Editor

The passion third graders have developed for getting plastics recycled has spread as they have presented their program to fellow students, New London Council, New London Local Schools Board of Education and the New London Rotary Club.

During Tuesday’s meeting of the New London Community Improvement Corporation members approved a motion of support for plastics recycling made by vice president Ellen Simmons. "This is something I think the whole community will get behind and support,” she said.

Village administrator Shawn Pickworth said New London currently recycles cardboard, newspaper and metal but not plastic. He told CIC members he and mayor John Martin recently visited Brighton Township to view their recycling operation.

The visit prompted Pickworth to present information to council regarding the possible purchase of a container to hold plastics for recycling. The cost of the container is about $23,000. He said a grant application to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has been completed, which if approved, would cover about half the cost of the container. Pickworth said he is hoping local groups, organizations and businesses will get on board and make donations toward the remaining cost. "Hopefully we will hear something on the grant by sometime in March.”

Container collection of plastics that are sorted and rinsed, then removed to a recycling point would be in addition to the curbside pickup of other recyclables in the village, according to Pickworth.

One of the problems with recycling plastics is simple, Huron County does not recycle them. "It isn’t profitable,” Pickworth noted. "There is no money to be made by recycling, it will cost us money.”

In a report Pickworth submitted to council in December of 2016, he said labor, fuel and electricity costs total $17,500 to $21,000 per year generating revenue of $5,000 to $8,000 per year. "It costs us a lot more than we make to recycle.”

Part of the cost is the container itself and paying a worker to haul the container to be emptied. Currently, it would have to be hauled out of the county. The other problem is like the sludge hauled from the village to Richland County, the village must pay Huron County for taking it out of the county. The reason for that is flow control. All of the trash generated in Huron County must be taken to the county’s transfer station.

Bill Alford suggested Huron County Commissioners be invited to an upcoming meeting.

Pickworth and Martin told CIC members the village has received their Community Reinvestment Act certificate from the state.

Council approved CRA last year. At present, CRA is for new construction or remodeling of commercial and industrial buildings, according to Pickworth. "It can be for residential as well, but council has determined it will start here with commercial and industrial.” He added, "The program gives a break on property taxes if approved by the CRA board.”

It was also reported during the meeting that work on getting a pharmacy in town is continuing and a plan has been submitted to the state.

CIC members voted to retain the current slate of officers. Vickie Missler will serve as president, Ellen Simmons vice president; Kathy Frombaugh, secretary and Karen Dale as treasurer.

CIC meets on the third Tuesday at noon. Meeting locations to be announced.

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