New London Board of Education Approves Pay Increase

By Lynne Phillips
News Editor

New London Board of Education members unanimously approved a 1.5 percent increase to administrative, supervisory and exempt staff during Monday night's meeting.

"When we moved the administrators and exempt staff to the wellness insurance plan as well as the spousal language it did save the district $28,000," superintendent Brad Romano told the board. "The 1.5 percent amounts to a little bit less than $7,000. So the district is still receiving significant savings as well as the fact it does not include Mrs. Guthrie and myself. We are taking a pay freeze."

Board members accepted treasurer Sue Guthrie's five year forecast.

Updating the board she said, the district's revenue remains about the same.

"We have had a slight increase in revenue from the state based on the biennium budget," she said adding, "The state will be looking at a new budget in the spring." She noted, the Average Daily Membership (ADM) plays a big part in district funding. "It is a big item and the way we count has been changed. In the past our count was done in October and that is what our state funding was based on. Now they (the state) is doing what they call a rolling count (updating the ADM more frequently). This could change our funding.

"We are looking at $5.7 (unrestricted) million in funding this year," she noted.

On the expenditure side, the district saw a little bit of a difference, according to Guthrie. "We are not in deficit spending this year. Our salaries are down, as we had had some resignations over the summer. Those positions were filled with individuals with lower salaries."

On the other hand purchased goods and services increased due to a company hired for technology and there are a number of special need students that are being transported to other schools, which is a large expense."

The district will see another health insurance holiday in December which will bolster the benefit's bottom line. Guthrie cautioned, "The insurance company has suggested the district look at a nine percent increase in health insurance costs through 2016, 2017 and beyond."

The board approved a lease purchase payment for three buses at approximately $54,101 per year for five years.

"We have not purchased buses for a few years," said Romano.

Transportation director Dan Bailey said the district has 17 busses and the average age is 13. We haul between 525 and 550 kids per day and we run about 750 miles per day. On Mondays and Fridays with the vans going to Columbus we run about 1,000 mile per day."

Four busses will be traded in for the three new busses, according to Bailey.

Laura Lay questioned board members about the status of assistant varsity football coach Barry Pickens.

"What happens next year?" she asked. "How do we move forward?"

Superintendent Brad Romano said all supplemental contracts are non-renewed at the end of the season. In any sport they are automatically non-renewed. At that point Geoff (Geist) and the head coach will bring recommendations to us and the board will give final approval.

Romano noted the non-renewal of supplementals are per the Ohio Revised Code (ORC).

In other business the board approved the following agenda items:

• Resignation of Zach Parr as junior varsity boys basketball coach.

• Substitute positions pending completion of all training and certification requirements: Classified; Sarah Conley, Ryan Roscoe (retroactive to Sept. 18, 2014), Mike Snyder, Cassidy Wise (retroactive to Sept. 16, 2014 and Courtney Shepherd. Certified; Melissa Mikovsky.

• Supplemental position for Peter Motolik for junior varsity boys.

• Volunteer position for Zach Parr boys varsity basketball.

• Pupil activity contracts for Erik Hansberger middle school girls basketball and Mike Mcintosh high school varsity wrestling.

• Rates of pay for sectional tournament workers. Referee $55 per game, line judge $30, ticket takers $30 and tournament manager $50.

• Donations received from James Shibley $1,610 to the Thomas Family Scholarship, Thomas Tech, LLC $375 to the Thomas Family Scholarship, Target Corporation $339.87 to Elementary School Support, Target Corporation $17.42 to Middle School Support, Target Corporation $17.42 to High School Support, Fraternal Order of Eagles $500 to Boys Basketball Program, New London Athletic Boosters $3,607.50 to Athletics, Anonymous $115 to Volleyball Program and New London Rotary $35 to Band.

• Student activity budgets for baseball, softball and volleyball.

• Contract with BD Farms Trucking, Inc for parking lot salting at $75 per hour plus materials and snow removal $50 per hour as needed.

• Contract with Bryan Deppen for snow plowing at $75 per hour.

• One year service agreement with Thirty Seven 4 for antivirus protection at a cost of $1,645.

• Lease agreement with MT Business Technologies for copier equipment for 39 months.

• Agreement with Safely Home School for residential special education services for the 2014-15 academic year.

• Extension of service contract with eSchoolView for website hosting.

• Payment for substitute teacher work performed for Charles Pickens at $80 per day.

• Approve the resignation of Dawn Luedy as middle school track coach.

The regular meeting was adjourned in favor of a closed door session to evaluate the superintendent and treasurer, discuss negotiations and disipline of public school employee.

New London's Board of Education will meet again in regular session on Monday, Nov. 17 at 7 p.m. at the board office.

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