Holmes County 2015 DHI Awards Banquet

By Esther M Silvius

WALNUT CREEK, Ohio-Owners of top dairy herds and individual cows were recognized and presented plaques at the annual Holmes County DHI recognition banquet.

Mike Hochstetler welcomed the 130 dairy farmers and guests attending the banquet, held March 30 at the Carlisle Village Inn at Walnut Creek. He also read the list of the owners of Honor Roll Herds and outstanding individual cows and presented the awards.

Receiving the most improved award for herds over 100 cows was Spring Hill Farm for 216 Holstein cows, producing 2,128 pounds ECM, 77 pounds protein,, and 75 pounds butterfat; Dar-Re Farm 106.3 Jersey cows for 141 SCC; and Springwalk Holsteins 115 cows for 1,964 pounds milk.

Dean Wolboldt's 52 Holstein cows received the most improved award for herds under 100 cows, producing 1,800 pounds ECM and 74 pounds protein; Spring Hill Farm;s85 Guernsey cows for 65 pounds butterfat; Robert Schlabach's43 Holsteins for 2,217 pounds milk, and Narrow Valley Farm's42 Holsteins for 107 SCC.

Firman L.Yoder's39 cows received the most improved

Unofficial herd award for 124 SCC.

Also receiving plaques were the following:

High Holstein herd over 100 cows- Springwalk Farm Holsteins, 115 cows, producing 30,728 pounds ECM and 1,199 pounds butterfat; Hal and Rod Hunsberger, 149 cows producing 885 pounds protein and 28,556 pounds milk, and Spring Hill Farm 216 cows for 71 SCC.

High Hosltein herds under 100 cows-RNR Swiss & Lake Point Dairy 25 cows producing 32,180 pounds ECM, 856 Pounds protein, 1,289 pounds butterfat and 27,341 pounds milk; John Mark Weaver, 45 cows for SCC.

High colored breed herds-over 100 cows-RNR Swiss & Lake Point Dairy, for 157 Brown Swiss cows producing 28,368 pounds ECM and 1,171 pounds butterfat; Dar-Re Farm-106.3 Jersey cows, producing 807 pounds protein; Open Road Farm Ltd-129 Brown Swiss cows, producing 24,435 pounds milk; and Hyland Acres Jerseys Ltd, 525 cows for 172 SCC.

High colored breed herds under 100 cows were RNR Swiss & Lake Point Dairy-10.3 cows producing 27,092 pounds ECM, 686 pounds protein and 1,238 pounds butterfat; Springwalk Farm's Guernseys,49 cows, producing 18,683 pounds milk, and Michael and Cheryl Raber,14.3 Jersey cows, for 54 SCC.

Holstein first lactation cows-Doughty Valley Farm for Cow #1287 for 34,349 pounds ECM and Cow #1329 for 926 pounds protein, and Cow #1312 for 33,867 pounds milk; RNR Swiss & Lake Point Dairy for Cow Juno for 1,446 pounds butterfat.

High Holstein aged cows, RNR Swiss & Lake Point Dairy for Kaye for 51,203 pounds ECM, and Kaye for 2,301 pounds butterfat; Hal and Rod Hunsberger for Cow # 222 for 1,200 pounds protein and 45,172 pounds milk.

High colored breed first lactation cows-RNR Swiss &Lake Point Dairy-Cow Jiffie, for 37,021 pounds ECM ,872 pounds protein and 1,694 pounds butterfat; Open Road Farm Ltd's Hazel for 27,198 pounds milk.

High colored breed aged cows-RNR Swiss & Lake Point Dairy. Alexa for 49,257 pounds ECM and 2,343 pounds butterfat; Open Road Farm Ltd for Liana,1,193 pounds protein and 35,488 pounds milk.

Several of the farms also received DHI top herd recognition.

The 2014 Holmes County Honor Roll Herd awards were received by the following: RNR Swiss & Lake Point Dairy, for Brown Swiss, Jersey and Holstein; Springwalk Farm Guernseys and Holsteins; Dar-Re Farm, Jerseys; Butter Valley Jerseys for Jerseys; Open Road Farm Ltd-for Brown Swiss and Holsteins; Hal and Rod Hunsberger for Holsteins; Spring Valley Farm for Jerseys; Spring Hill Farm, Guernseys and Holsteins and Doughty Valley Farm for Holsteins.

Several of the above farms received special certificates for being listed in the top 5 percent in the state for milk, fat or protein.

Holmes County DHI Committee members are Myron Schlabach, Ferman Wengerd, Rod Hunsberger, David Yoder, Mike Hochtetler and Reuben Miller.

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