Agriculture Power Diagnostics Contest Held

By Janet Kehres

Tractor Troubleshooting or more recently renamed Agriculture Power Diagnostics is a contest that allows FFA students to utilize knowledge gained through their classroom and Supervised Agriculture Experiences in a contest format. Students will trouble shoot tractor issues and attempt to fix those issues.

Recently the three Crawford County Schools (Buckeye Central, Colonel Crawford and Wynford) participated in a tractor-troubleshooting contest on the Phenicie Farm near New Washington. Each had two teams consisting of two students per team competing to troubleshoot three tractors. Younger students were allowed to participate via observing the older students repairing the troubled tractors. The judges were Matt Miller and Garrett Boley from Shearer Equipment (Mansfield) and Brent Shook from Shook Farm & Industrial Repair (Bloomville). The three judges disabled the tractors before the contest and in between each contest session. The student teams had 20 minutes to repair each tractor at each station. Computers were connected to the implements to assist the students in electrical schematics, circuits and diagnostic testing and repair.

Six stations were set up for each team to participate. The three tractors that were disabled were the first three stations. A Gator was also disabled to make up station four. Station five was a written test on recognizing farm tools. Station six was a general knowledge written test.

Megan McCoy (B.C. FFA student) was in charge of grading the written tests and to document the team scoring on the repairs.

The contest gave the students invaluable "hands on" experience working on farm equipment and reviewing knowledge that will help them for years into the future working a farm. It also built comradery with the three schools involved in the contest. One unique set of observers was cousins Issac Greenick (9th grader from Wynford) and Alan Leonhardt (8th grader from B.C.). They hope to be the "fixers" in future years competition.

The contest is a yearly event for the Crawford County FFA Chapters. The location rotates between the three schools (last year it was at a farm near Wynford and next year it will be on a farm near Colonel Crawford).

The top team from each school will represent their respective school at the District Contest and possibly go on to state competition. Last year Colonel FFA team placed 4th at the State Contest.

This year's winners were:

1st Place - Colonel Crawford Team 1 - Kyle Hudson & Alex Brause

2nd Place - Buckeye Central Team 1 - Justin Showman & Jaret Shook

3rd Place - Wynford Team 1 - Tyler Hatcher & Jaden Coffman

4th Place - Colonel Crawford Team 2 - Darren Thomas & Garrett Hensley

5th Place - Wynford Team 2 - Luke Scott & Ethan Stuckey

6th Place - Buckeye Central Team 2 - Alex Fike & Jordan Stockmaster

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